Flares n Seagulls #AdventCalendar : Day 10

Day 10 is all about The Mirror Trap, just back from touring around Europe with Placebo. They played Aberdeen for us back in May – their previous visit to Aberdeen was in May 2015 when they played The Music Hall on another tour with Placebo.

_MG_3348.jpgPhoto by SBP: Downstairs, Aberdeen – 19th May 2016


Flares n Seagulls #AdventCalendar : Day 9

Day 9 is The Twilight Sad. They’ve just completed an extensive tour supporting The Cure, and there’s a new album coming next year – we live in hope there will be a massive UK tour to go with it.

_87A6607wm.jpgPhoto by SBP: Electric Fields festival, 27th August 2016

Flares n Seagulls #AdventCalendar : Day 8

For Day 8 we’ll have a little bit of Be Charlotte, a talented 19 year-old who’s been getting lots of notice this year.

28988010794_105e16f4aa_o.jpgPhoto by SBP: Electric Fields festival, 27th August 2016


Flares n Seagulls #AdventCalendar : Day 7

Day 7, ah Day 7 brings you a songbird, it’s Kathryn Joseph. She’s playing The Blue Lamp, Aberdeen on 12th December (it’s a Monday) so get yourselves down for a real treat.

FB_IMG_1469743078826.jpgPhoto by SBP: Belladrum Tartan Heart festival, 24th July 2016


Flares n Seagulls #AdventCalendar : Day 6

Day 6 brings you Crash Club. If you like to dance or jump about, these are your guys: electronic-rock, sometimes with guest singers.

26077596680_b27cb4bebb_o.jpgPhoto by SBP: Downstairs, Aberdeen, 9th April 2016


Flares n Seagulls #AdventCalendar : Day 5

Day 5 brings you a bit of Dreadzone

They are one of the best festival bands you will ever see (says SB).

_87A7264-2wm.jpgPhoto by SBP: Belladrum Tartan Heart festival, 5th August 2016.

Flares n Seagulls #AdventCalendar : Day 4

Day 4 is all about Bloodlines.

They’ve had a good year, getting lots of attention, and they won the Scottish Alternative Music Award for 2016, in the best Best Rock/Alternative category.

_MG_3268.jpgPhoto by SBP: Downstairs, Aberdeen, 19th May 2016.