Wickerman Festival 2011 – The Rest

A short review and (many) pics.

Lads - Wickerman Festival 2011

Wickerman Festival is over 250 miles away from the FnS base of Aberdeen so it has to justify the £100 or so of petrol that the FnSmobile needs for the journey, it did in spades last year so would this year pass the `difficult second album` test?

The event opens on the Thursday for the early arrivals keen to `bed in` before the stages open properly on the Friday, this year we arrived late Friday morning and sailed through the main gates with no queues worth mentioning, so handy after a long drive. I covered this festival on FnS last year so not much point in repeating a lot of the things which are basically the same. We’ve parked less than five minutes walk from the main arena and five minutes walk in another direction we set up camp.  Everything really is that close together.

So, what do you need to know? Within the main arena here is a village shop type stall which has lots of chilled stuff, bakery, sandwiches and so on. There are two main `circles` of stalls at WM, one is all the various food vans and the other has all the sunglasses, hats, t-shirts and so on that anyone would want. Not sure who exactly chooses these but they do a damn good job (in my humble opinion), so a big WELL DONE to them. Prices for burgers are around £3.50 to £5.50 for a fancy one. T-shirts are £10-15, with hats from £5-25. The official WM t-shirts are fifteen quid, so not too expensive.

As usual a lanyard with all the stage times, various events, map and so on is available for £5. An essential purchase if you don’t want to miss any artists in particular. Having said that, just about all the tents had clearly marked noticeboards with times outside. Well played WM!

Alcohol is purchased by drinks token, £1.80 for one, with most alcoholic drinks requiring two. From what I saw the queues at both the tokens counters and the main bar weren’t too excessive but got busier late in the evenings as you’d expect. The main bar is only a few hundred meters from the main stage so ideally positioned for most people.

The two dance tents are positioned next to each other at the other side of the arena so again handy for the clubbier types amongst the hundreds of people in attendance. A couple of minutes walk from them takes you to the reggae tent, a must visit in the wee hours. These are all open till 5am, which I must say made sleeping (in your tent) very difficult, even with earplugs inserted. Not a complaint of course, but if you do want a better chance of sleeping then camp as far away from these tents as possible.

There’s all sorts of stuff going on during the day so I’d imagine it must make for a great festival to entertain the kids with, all in a good atmosphere as well. It’s surprising how I’ve said everything is close together yet there is plenty `space` if you just want a bit of peace to sit down and chill out.

That’s about it I think, here’s some random pics taken between bands over the weekend. Just in case anyone is wondering why there isn’t any of the fireworks or burning Wickerman it’s because after shooting the last band in the scooter tent my camera was ditched in to the car in favour of a nice chilled beer to relax and enjoy the last few hours of the festival.

See ya next year Wickerman!

And now a selection of pics, in no particular order…

Acoustic Village

Acoustic Village

Acoustic Village - The Smaller Tent

Performers at the Acoustic Village

Acoustic Village - The Sign

Axis Sound System Tent - the Reggae Tent for short

Chilling in the GoNorth Tent

Circusy Stuff

Dancin! (to Fire Exit)

DJ type bloke at work

Facepaint innit.

Family Band

GoNorth Signage


Half Man Half Biscuit t-shirt & Love

Sensible Children

Jumbo sausage sir? No thanks!

Why do you not get kid size hoops?

Hoosiers crowd

James on the main stage


I was too old, apparently


Err yes.

Outdoor dancey bit

Pigeon detectives on the main stage

Reggae 4 Sale

Skiddle Dance Tent

Solus Tent Crowd

Sound desk, inc food and wellies

Sound of Guns fan

Speed kid


Toilet thingy

Reggae Order of Play

Gravestone listings

Words and pics by Still Burning.

Wickerman festival 2011 – The Music – Friday

Wickerman Festival 2011 – The Music – Saturday

Wickerman Festival Official Website

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  1. molzer says:

    aye geordie good pics great festival

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