We Are The In Crowd April 2012

We Are The In Crowd, The Summer Set & Super Prime – The Lemon Tree – 19/04/12

We Are The In Crowd

“Nothing quite brightens the spirit like three hours of shameless, pop-punk goodness.

I was surprised to see a massive queue waiting to pile into The Lemon Tree at half past eight at night, partially because the majority of Aberdeen crowds only manage to muster up enough excitement about a gig to turn up to the venue around nine o’clock and partially because the doors were already supposed to be open.

The late time that the doors open caused several problems throughout the night, the most annoying being the fact that all the bands had to cut their set-lists short in order to clear the venue on time. Then again, with three amazingly talented pop-punk bands lined up for the great price of only £11, I guess no-one had a right to complain.

First up were Boston three-piece Super Prime, relatively new to the scene and still attempting to make a name for themselves. They played songs from their new EP #FML, including the incredibly catchy ‘Don’t Ask’ and ‘Discovering The Anti-Rad’. The first thing that struck me about the band is just how approachable they all seemed to be, Austin Bond’s (vocals and bass) smile was unfaltering, whether he flashed it at his fellow band-mates or to the audience. Adam Newall (vocals and guitar) pointed to a someone in front-row and gave him a gracious shout-out, before telling the rest of us that we still “need to do our home-work”. The second thing that struck me was just how great of a reaction the boys were getting, especially considering that they were the first support act of the night. I’d be tempted to say that this was due to Austin and Adam’s exuberant performances and Marcus James’ amazing drumming skills. It took a stunning cover of pop punk royalty Fall Out Boy to truly bring the venue to life however, the first few riffs of ‘Sugar, We’re Goin Down’ causing the crowd to go crazy. New rule? If in doubt, cover Fall Out Boy.

The Summer Set were up next, the moody atmosphere being set by the dark lighting and fog juxtaposing the up-beat nature of the band’s music. What I loved about this band was how talented drummer Jess Bowen was, especially during the intro of ‘Someone Like You’. The whole crowd supported her, clapping along with her drum beats before transitioning into bobbing their heads as the rest of the band joined in. It was refreshing to see a female band member in a position other than lead-singer. It was a necessary reminder that the music industry cannot force females into fulfilling stereotypical roles, because we have as much right to rock out as anyone else does. Lead singer Brian Dales has a very unusual voice that draws the listener right in, with him and the rest of the boys captivating the crowd as they discussed a play they had seen at the venue that afternoon. It was a cross between ‘Lost’, ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Titanic’ (all three got a small cheer from the rowdy crowd) apparently. The cultured band then carried on to tell us that our city has beautiful buildings that they don’t see in America due to their countries obsession with commercialisation. The band finished with track ‘The Boys You Do (Get Back At You), puppeteering the crowd by telling them to “get off [their] feet” or “wave [their] hands in the air”. By the time all the members had left the stage, it was safe to say that the crowd were ready for the headliners.

As soon as Poughkeepsie five-piece We Are The In Crowd took to the stage, they were met with thunderous applause. Their mystical intro quickly transformed into one of their newest hits, ‘Rumor Mill’. The level of emotion front-woman Tay Jardine put into her performance was obvious to all from the off-set, every line of lyrics bringing with it a new facial expression or pose. I also feel the need to point out that despite being on voice-rest, she sounded absolutely amazing. By starting off with such a well-known song, and by having two amazing bands already heighten the atmosphere, it was safe to say that Aberdeen managed to skip the usual awkwardness of half the audience holding back for fear of looking like a freak and all went straight into headbanging like a bobble-head in the wind.

Crazy-haired Rob was spectacular as always on drums, his trademark white stripe becoming a blur as he rocked his head in time to the music, a smile appearing on his face at random interval as a testament to how much fun he was having on this moody Thursday night. This moody atmosphere was not helped by the presence of a thick fog that managed to obscure everyone’s faces:

“Can we turn that machine off, I can’t see anything!” Tay pleaded, the rest of the crowd didn’t seem to care however, enjoying the mixed set-list of songs consisting of the upbeat tracks of 2010 EP ‘Guaranteed To Disagree’ and last year’s debut album ‘Best Intentions’. Newer songs such as ‘On Your Own’ were as well sung along to as older hits such as ‘Never Be What You Want’, showing just how dedicated their fan-base has become. Bassist Mike Ferri proved once again to be shockingly energetic, but the constraints of the small stage did result in him having to tone down his performance. And that was before he poked a hole in the ceiling with his bass…

Before the audience knew what to do with themselves, the band had already disappeared off-stage. After a minute of chanting something indistinguishable, the band shoved Mike back on stage. He described a terrifying moment where he thought that the crowd were screaming “You’re shit!” at them, causing Mike to get upset and want to go home. It turns out that the crowd were only screaming “Yorkshire!” at them. The laughing only subsided when Tay and Jordan came back onto the stage to play the band’s one and only slow song, ‘You’ve Got It Made’. This is where Tay’s vocals really shone. Jordan also got his moment to shine as he emotionally belted out the bridge as a forest of arms swayed gently from side to side. The stripped back song proved to be a huge hit, but the best was left until last, with the band’s most popular track ‘Both Sides Of The Story’ resulting in the entire venue dancing and screaming the lyrics back at the ecstatic members on stage.

The phrase ‘Pop Punk’s Not Dead’ has been thrown about a lot recently, but if you ever needed proof regarding the veracity of that claim, then look no further than We Are The In Crowd. Selling out multiple dates on your first headlining tour is no easy feat, but it’s one that this lovely little Poughkeepsie band managed to achieve.”

Words by penguingonemad.

We Are The In Crowd Website

The Summer Set Facebook

Super Prime Facebook

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