Walter Trout October 2010

Walter Trout – Lemon Tree  – 07/10/10

Fat Bastard makes his unexpected debut on the recycled pixel place on the interweb that is Flares n Seagulls as he gives his report on blues maestro Walter Trout at the Lemon Tree.

Walter Trout - The Lemon tree

Rocked up at about 7.30 knowing that old Walter does a full two-hour set and likes to get to bed at a reasonable time, the place was heaving with punters and the heat was mental.

Walter Trout - The Lemon Tree

Beer was purchased and a good lean was procured (im very very old) and true to form the band hit the stage at about 8.00, Walter decided it would be funny to introduce his current drummer (Michael Leasure) as the character from the Austin Powers movie Fat Bastard, Michael then attempted an impersonation of said Fat Bastard complete with generic faux Scottish accent, very badly. I always wondered how Walter managed to get through so many drummers over the years… now I know!

Walter got down to what he does best, playing straight from the heart blues music with a style and energy unequalled by any other similar musician. I must say it took me a little time to get into it on this occasion, not any fault of Walters or his incredible band but more to do with the sound which was shocking, the mix was awful and the volume lower than I have ever heard in the Lemon Tree, it took a good couple of songs to get the mix anything like acceptable but the volume never reached my preferred level. The other odd thing was the house lights which never went out during the entire set… weird.

Walter Trout - The Lemon Tree

Walter Trout - The Lemon Tree

(just a note to say there’s one-handed playing going on in that last pic)

The band moved through an interesting and varied set, the highlights of which included the Hammond player taking lead vocal on a song which was stunning, Rick Knapp the bass player was hypnotically brilliant as usual and locked in with Michael Leasure (Fat Bastard) who’s drumming was metronomic. An addition to the line up was a guy who played guitar, ran the merchandise and seemed to guitar tech as well, he also sang and was stunning, he sounded like a cross between Coverdale and Plant… Wow! I believe his name was Andrew but couldn’t find mention of him on the Trout website which is a bit disappointing.

They played their usual two hours including encore as I had anticipated, the encore included my show highlight which was Walters cover of Hendrix’s Red House. The two hours had flown by and I felt I got my moneys worth and some.

On the way out I met drummer Michael Fat Bastard and after thanking him for a great set explained that I was the real Fat Bastard and if I heard he continued to claim ‘he’ was then he would be hearing from my solicitor.    Fat Bastard.

Walter Trout Website

Pics by Still Burning.

Walter Trout - The Lemon Tree

Walter Trout - The Lemon Tree

2 Responses to Walter Trout October 2010

  1. Nick Taylor says:

    I will explain a couple of things about sound and lighting that night. The band don’t sound check and didn’t really do much of line check. The gig started off with just the main vocal and the engineer started to add things in throughout the show. As for lighting they said the wanted a warm wash and for the light to neither flash or fade up and down. Something to do with Walter Trouts eyesight fading.

  2. Nick Taylor says:

    Ah you were talking about house lights. Eh…no idea?

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