Vintage Trouble November 2011

Vintage Trouble – The Ironworks, Inverness – 17/11/11

Vintage Trouble

This is the difficult bit of tonight’s wee job/adventure. The reviewing bit.  I have disclaimers on my own blog about this sort of thing ie I shouldnt do it  🙂 

So this is Vintage Trouble‘s third visit to the Highlands this year – theyve already proved they can shift people’s feet at Rockness & Tartan Heart.  Tonight’s the turn of a somewhat more intimate venue compared to those festival main stages – Inverness’ illustrious Ironworks !

A packed out Ironworks saw the L.A four piece at the top of their game – from start to finish Ty Taylor grinned his best I-Love-You-Scotland smile.  Id love to be able to rattle off set-lists and song titles but I just wasn’t that organised tonight (am I ever – note to self: be more organised) and apart from seeing them live havent bothered to get hold of any of their stuff.  Sad I know but seeing them live is definitely where it’s at – I doubt if recorded performance could come anywhere near to the polished soul juggernaut that Vintage Trouble are live – did I really just type polished soul juggernaut……?  Actually not just soul – we had plenty RnB, blues and at times even gospel in there for good measure.

Vintage Trouble

Vintage Trouble

Vintage Trouble

Vintage Trouble

Vintage Trouble

Judging by Vintage Troubles facebook messages this morning the crowd were more than happy with being hit by it last night !

Thanks to Still Burning for giving me the last minute heads up for this gig. 

Words and pics by Houdi.

Vintage Trouble Website 

Vintage Trouble

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  1. nikonhoudi says:

    Thanks for allowing my rambling to appear on yer pages 🙂

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