The Tijuana Sun Nov 2009

Cafe Drummonds, Saturday 21st November, £4 entry.

First up was Third Connection, from Forres I was told, although it says Elgin on their myspace page. Which is it? Actually it shouldn’t bother me should it. Anyway… the first thing you notice is that these lads have a large (young) following, there must have been 50 people to see them at 9.30pm at Cafe Drummonds which is unusual for a relatively early start on a Saturday night at CD. The next thing is four (4) guitars, all playing at once so a bit unusual then. Because I was knackered and probably not really in the mood for a gig due to the days events I didn’t really take note of any of the bands songs on the night, which is another unusual thing for me as I like to `spot` a good track or two. Did I enjoy their set? Well, I thought it was okay, but it just seemed to me (from upstairs) that the drums just overpowered everything else so I went down to the lower level and it didn’t really get much better. When they finished their set there were were shouts (and screams!) for another song but they’d already over ran their time slot so didn’t get to play it. I don’t agree with letting them play on either as it just f*cks it up for the other three bands who were due to play. I’ve listed their myspace page below so you can get a taste of what they’re like. My summary is that, like the next two bands actually, if they were supporting a band was going to see anyway then I’d probably try to catch them again. 6/10

Cue an issue at the bar. As I was driving I needed my second pint of diet coke with two ice cubes. As it was getting busier I confidently handed over my £1.50 that I’d been charged earlier. No, £2 I was told, I said are you sure, it was £1.50 earlier, yes £2 it is. Ah well, I mush have got the first one too cheap but no the next two were £1.50 again. Not meaning to sound like a True Aberdonian wondering what happened to that overpaid fifty pence piece but well, one end of the bar should be the same price as the other end? Unless the end away from the flap bit is the VIP Sector. One can only guess.

Issue Two then arose. As Third Connection packed up and left to go to Forres and/or Elgin, so seemingly did most of their followers. Whys that then? Three bands to go and they go elsewhere? I’ve seen this before when the first support had a large crowd with them (Famous Ape was one) and why they finish they left also. I… just… don’t… get…. that… I’m… afraid…!

Another unusual thing to report. Next up were Aberdeen band The Limit. I’d heard of them before, but like the above I decided not to do any research on them beforehand and just write up about what I saw. Just as well, as they’re not online anywhere (apparently). Now, I like that actually, no need to whore themselves about chasing a record deal that’s not close to coming, just practise and play their songs.  Simple innit. When in the mood (which I wasn’t remember) this is close to my kind of band. Guitars (three this time clocked on the guitarometer) a drummer and a singer who apparently wasn’t feeling very well (whom a lady told me, I reckoned it was his ma but hey I wasn’t goin’ to ask that!), aye a singer who had the unpure voice that I usually prefer. They seemed to make the set list as they went along. And why not? I will make a point of checking out this band again (not just cos of the singers possible ma either), as I think they sounded like someone I’d like to see more of. Yes, 7/10.

The next diet coke was £1.50, I was back with the riff raff at the flap end.

Only three bands listed on the poster but four on the night. It was like Christmas had come early. This was Elevation… a kind of sound that I hadn’t heard for years, and certainly not in Aberdeen recently anyway. Strangely, I didn’t think they suited the audience that had assembled to see the bands that sandwiched them on the night BUT, again, they were really good with maybe an old ravey kind of sound. They kind of choons that I could see a full Moshulu doing their thing to. They reminded me of someone, Shack I think, I might be wrong, but with the echo-ey (new word) vocals that the songs of their style thrives on. Got a free cd too, which I’ve listened to since and enjoyed the vibe it generates. Also 7/10 for a style that I’ve never followed is damned good going.

Finally at around half past midnight (and therefore WELL past my bedtime) The Tijuana Sun get onstage. For what its worth the bands havent taken long to change over tonight but three hours is a long wait to see a band when yer tired. They kick off with the crowd pleasing Black n Blue which gets the crowd down to the front and many people are singing along. Looks like the bands following is getting bigger at every outing. Now, this is one of my favourite styles of music, guitars (three), drums and a gravelly singer who gets into the songs he sings. I was going to describe each song but I’ll do that another time. I think most songs are individually sound, especially On Your Knees, Blinded By The Light and What’s Going On. Their nine song set (no weak songs imho) finishes with Tijuana Soul, another cracker to finish with. I’m a bit dissapointed with my own lack of detail in this summary of my night but I’ll be a little critical now, in the fairest way possible that I’d suggest that TTS could throw in a couple of accoustic songs into their set, not just to fill it a bit but to give the whole performance a beginning, a middle and an end. When you have guitar playing of quality its good to let the limelight shine on it sometimes. Just my own personal opinion mind, and if they don’t it won’t in any way put me off them. If this is your kind of music, and you havent seen them live yet then I suggest you do so. I think, with the right material, maybe stretching some instrumental bits, these boys will do well. 8/10 although, I admit, I’m unashamedly biased.

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