The Blockheads December 2009

The Blockheads – Lemon Tree – 05/12/09

The band make their entrance to Derek shouting “Oi!” “Oi” “Oi” and they are straight into “Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll”, with John sporting a great “sex drugs and sausage rolls“ t-shirt!

The Blockheads Lemon Tree

“Inbetweenies” is up next with the band putting on hats and funny glasses.

Newer songs “Feel the Funk” and “Where’s the Party” get sung, but it is the older ones like “Clever Trever” and “Sweet Gene” that get the best responses.

The Blockheads Lemon Tree

Singing most of the songs now is Derek the Draw (Ian Dury’s former minder and friend) who also gave him the name. He sings the same sound as Ian but without trying to emulate him. This must be a great feeling going from backstage to fronting one the great entertaining bands around and he even co wrote some of the songs for the new album along with original members Chaz Jankel (Durys co-writer) Norman Watt Ray, Mick Gallagher, John Turnbull.

The Blockheads Lemon Tree

The Blockheads sound is inspired by many musical influences including jazz, reggae and punk.

They finish the evening with “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick” and a long rendition of “Reasons to be Cheerful”.

The Blockheads Lemon Tree

With many references to the great Ian Dury, it is a pleasure that they are still touring and keeping the music alive.

So look forward to next year when Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll will be released on January 8th 2010. The film stars Andy Serkis as Ian Dury and also features Mackenzie Crook, Ray Winstone, Toby Jones and Naomie Harris. Chaz Jankel has composed some original material for the score and the band have re-recorded several of their best known tracks for the film with Andy Serkis on vocals. The film focuses on Ian Dury’s personal relationships during his rise to fame.     Words and pix fae Ska Dude

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