Swans – May 2017

Swans & Little Annie – Lemon Tree, Aberdeen 19/05/17


My first introduction to Swans was when I attended a Micheal Gira solo show at the Lemon Tree back in 2007. I was there to see legendary avant-garde Japanese band Boredoms and Gira just so happened to be their support.

I was blown away with Gira’s set – pure poetry in each word and an intense atmosphere. I couldn’t tell whether I was scared or excited, but either way, I was in a trance.

Speaking and sharing a cigarette with Gira after the show was less intimidating than I thought; he was a genuine genius with moderate manners. 10 years later, I attended my first Swans show at the Lemon Tree on the 19th of May.

My closest friend is big into Swans, and I was warned it was gonna be loud to an ear-piercing level. This was confirmed when ear plugs were provided upon entrance. I was blown away with every aspect of the show – the stage presence, the beautiful noise and Micheal Gira’s ability to ooze charisma and come across as more of a conductor of sound as opposed to a front man.

After the show, I realised I couldn’t remember much of it and that’s a good thing, because I was completely mind-boggled by the music. My love for Swans grew at the merchandise stall when my pal presented me with a swans t-shirt simply saying “you fucking people make me sick”.

Either way, if you like it loud and enjoy getting your mind blown be sure to attend a Swans show. It’s not every day that such original artists grace Aberdeen.


Support, Little Annie.


Words by Craig John Davidson.

Pictures by Still Burning.

Swans website

Little Annie website