Sucioperro September 2010

Sucioperro – Cafe Drummonds – 16/09/10

It’s the second gig in one night for Flares n Seagulls as JustBoy57 and Still Burning get themselves along to Cafe Drummonds to see Sucioperro.


Finally, Justboy57 gets some time off from pulling pints to review the mighty Sucioperro at Café Drummonds in Aberdeen.
I came across this gig the old-fashioned way; a poster on Drummond’s window. Promotion for this gig had been quite quiet with not much being said on it with regards to social networking on the old interweb, which maybe reflected the sparse number that turned out on a wild and wet Thursday night in Aberdeen. Never the less I was excited to see the Scot rockers in my home town, especially seeing as it was over a year since I last saw them live when they nearly took the Seedling’s Stage roof off at Belladrum 2009.
I went down early to show my support to the two local support bands, something I usually do and found Westhill upstarts, Still Searching up first. The band are a young indie three piece, maybe a bit out of place on the undercard of a Sucioperro gig but they give it their all with the drummer’s singing and technical ability a standout of their set. This band can only get better by plying their trade, gigging in Aberdeen and I look forward to watching and hearing this young band develop.
Next up was another Aberdeen band, Talking Sideways. This band cite the like of Biffy Clyro and The Xcerts as their main influences and although this is apparent, they still have an awful lot of work to do if they want to replicate the success of these bands. I reserve judgement on this band until I see them again, but if I was to offer one piece of advice to them it would be that yes you can be arrogant and cock-assured on stage, but to pull it off you need to have earned the respect of the paying audience and for me that was simply missing.
So what do we know about Sucioperro? Translated, it means Dirty Dog in Spanish. They have had two albums with Random Acts of Intimacy released in 2006 and Pain Agency released three years later in 2009. Lead singer JP Reid is known as the Dragon and provides one half of Sucioperro and Biffy Clyro love child, Marmaduke Duke. Oh and they are what I would like to describe as a people’s band. They make music for the people, they play live for the people and they are bloody great at doing so.
The band tonight are on fire and play with such intensity that you can almost feel it hit you smack bang on the coupon as you stand and take in every minute of a captivating set. Highlights include personal favourite Don’t Change (what you can’t understand), You Can’t Lose (What You Don’t Have), set opener Liquids and the anthemic The Lonesome Tree which shows that Sucio’s songwriting and live show has much much more than brutal power; they have a softer, emotional side to their songs, a side that nearly everyone can relate to.
The turn out for the gig was average and definitely not what a band like Sucioperro deserve. However something tells me that this is kind of how they like it. Intimate. Die Hards. They play like there are 1000 there and they make everyone feel involved and welcome.
Young bands of Scotland take note; Sucioperro are exactly how it should be done.

Pics by Still Burning, words by JustBoy57.






Sucioperro Website

Sucioperro MySpace

1 Response to Sucioperro September 2010

  1. Hey man,
    Thankyou for the lovely review you have given us, all your comments have been taken on board.
    Our next show is with AGP, this Thursday and is with Laurel Collective plus a 2 other exciting, lively bands. Would be great to see you there and see what you have to say about the event.
    Cheers again,
    Ross – Still Searching

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