Sucioperro April 2011

Sucioperro, Farewell Singapore, Carnivores & He Slept on 57 – Tunnels – 05/04/11

Sucioperro Poster

First of all, I would like to thank my friend who introduced me to Sucioperro (EB, I’m looking at you!).  Originally I disregarded the band as I thought they were too heavy and “shouty shouty” for me.  It wasn’t until I saw they were coming up to Aberdeen again that I thought I would check them out.  Buying my ticket, I was thinking, this will be a good challenge for me, to see how I can write about a band out with my comfort zone.  The day of the gig, I look into the band, check out the myspace and website.  Surprisingly, I quite like what I hear.

Three supports tonight, seems to be a wee trend in my gigs of late.  First up, He Slept on 57, a three piece alt/rock band from Inverness.  I don’t know much about this band, but they seemed quite young, but professional in their performance.  Trying to warm up a crowd which was rather small at this point was proving rather hard, especially with what I am now going to call the “curse of Tunnels”, the semi-circle of empty space directly in front of the stage, where folks are too shy to get close to the band.  The bassist was fair getting into the music, which is more than can be said for the crowd, who were pretty still considering the type of music.

Next, Carnivores, another three piece, this time from Paisley.  First thing that struck me about this band is how unlike a band they look, looking more like three individuals from different bands rather than one.  This band is definitely too heavy for my liking, the lead singer and guitarist was head banging away, surprisingly managing to keep his glasses on, a skill which I think I now want to learn!

Final support tonight comes from Farewell Singapore.  Usually this four piece perform with a female singer, but for some reason (if you know, please fill me in!) tonight, they are minus their singer.  This would explain why I thought to begin with the guy who was singing was a bit shy, and lacked confidence.  Considering he isn’t female and isn’t their actual singer, I thought he did incredibly well.

One thing I love about Tunnels, is that the area for the bands is a little kitchen out beside the toilets, this means that the artists have to make their way through the crowd before taking to the stage.  For me, this makes the gig feel a bit more intimate, and the divide between the band and the crowd seems minimal – yet there is still that empty semi-circle surrounding the stage.

So, Sucioperro make their way through the crowd and take to the stage.  Looking like 3 nervous guys, they open the set with Running From All That Doesn’t Tempt You, from their newest album, The Heart String And How To Pull It, released in March this year.  A couple of times early on in the set, lead singer JP Reid seems to take a wee while to get into the song, with the vocals coming across a bit wobbly.  However, the crowd didn’t seem to mind, with mass sing-along’s to many songs.  I was surprised to hear attendance was near 200, it didn’t seem like there were that many folk there, although I would say the majority of these were stood right at the front and were absorbed in the atmosphere.  Tonight Sucio played mainly older material, songs from their first album, Random Acts of Intimacy which was released back in 2006 and their second album, Pain Agency, released in 2008.

I never really heard about Sucioperro before, who they are or what they are about, but tonight I get a whole lotta respect for these guys.  A few times during the set JP stops for a wee chat with the audience, explaining that they are together as a band for the music and their love of music rather than to make money, saying that they don’t make money from touring, and that they are unsure of when, it at all, they will be back in Aberdeen.  For me this was a real shame, I’ve just discovered Sucioperro, and already they are saying they may not be back!  I was really impressed with the band as a whole, and especially JP, who told us that he is a nervous wreck and that with the media likening them to his mate Simon Neil’s band Biffy Clyro, it’s rather big shoes to be stepping into and hard for them to get a break.  I felt so much warmth from JP, and really admire him, and the rest of the guys for their hard work and passion for what they do.


Sucioperro Website

Farewell Singapore MySpace

Carnivores MySpace

He Slept on 57 MySpace

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