Squeeze November 2010

Squeeze – Music Hall – 22/11/10

Ska Dude takes in the return of Squeeze to the Granite City.


The back drop on stage was a big red curtain with three white strips of sheeting in front on which they projected a video by Glen Tilbrook telling us about a bone marrow charity. The light went out and the band were introduced one by one on stage.

The crowd are of all ages from youngsters to shall we say very mature people. But they are all quite subdued politely bobbing their heads along in time. “Black Coffee” and “Take me I’m Yours” are past in a flash. “It’s so Dirty” finally gets a small part of the crowd jumping about briefly as it is the fastest paced song so far.

Up next is “Goodbye Girl”, the drummer comes to the front and plays a couple of empty bottles whilst standing on the speakers before returning to his drums. At the end they came to the front with no instruments doing a synchronised dance routine to a backing track.

Finally came the song I had been waiting for – “Up the Junction”. As soon as the first notes are played the goosebumps are running all over my body. Glen sings this song so beautifully, the lyrics are awesome, I remember back to when I was 13 and I bought the 7 inch purple vinyl single, took it home, and realised this is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. I played the record till my parents were sick of hearing it and still play it all the time now. The crowd were well up for it and nearly everyone was singing along with the band. All the time the song is being played there was a cartoon version of the band being played on the screen behind.


Now the crowd were really into all dancing down the front. “Hourglass” was played with a lengthy guitar solo at the end. “Cool for Cats” rounded of the show, sung by Chris Difford. Originally this was a comparatively rare lead vocal performance from the Squeeze lyricist, one of only two occasions he sang lead on a Squeeze single A-side. The chemistry between Glen & Chris was evident, they fed of each other throughout the show.

So off they went, but came back on for an encore of “Slap & Tickle”, “Another Nail”, and “Mussels”. It was over but many happy people left the venue hoping for return sooner rather than later.    Ska Dude


Set List

Black Coffee
Take Me
Loving You Tonight
Hope Fell Down
It’s so Dirty
Goodbye Girl
If it’s Love
Up the Junction
The Knack
LW Love
SE Heart
Is the Love
Cool for Cats

Encore –

Slap & Tickle
Another Nail

Squeeze Website

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