Rod Jones June 2010

Rod Jones & Cast of the Capital – Cafe Drummonds – 06/06/10

Justboy57 diminished any fear he had for the future of one of his favourite bands and went along to see Idlewild’s very own Rod Jones, ably supported by Cast of the Capital at Cafe Drummonds last Sunday, 6th June.

Idlewild are definitely up there in my all time top three favourite bands, so when I heard that they had gone on a wee break/hiatus/split up/who knows, I was a wee bit saddened. However, if this break allows band members to flourish with their own thing, then perhaps it has come about at the right time. Rod Jones tour dates on the back of his debut album release, “A Sentimental Education”, are few and far between, so after beating the dreaded am I on, am I off work rota nightmare, I sauntered down to catch the man in action.

First band up were Cast of the Capital, a band who I know fairly well and have seen on a number of different occasions. Although I have heard them live about a good seven times now, my attention never wondered once throughout a set that was full of high energy, hook-laden pop songs. COTC are the type of band that will cheer you up on a sad day, bring the sun out even if it’s been pouring and help you regain that feel good factor. Highlights tonight include new track Parkhands, which is fast becoming my anthem of the summer, as well as the ever reliable, Tree Sleep, which rounds off Cast of the Capital’s set in a frantic and feverish fashion. The only nag I have was that there wasn’t as many people there to see this brilliant local band as I thought there would be. Come on Aberdeen…it’s time to give this band the recognition they deserve.

So from my interview with Rod Jones previously, I knew that his set would be him accompanied by his band, which tonight consists of Jonny Scott (Unwinding Hours) on drums, David Jack on bass and Jacqueline Irvine on accompanying vocals/harmonies. Unsurprisingly, the set consisted of nearly, “A Sentimental Education”, in its entirety, with Sing It Alone, Wonderful and the Nirvana-esque Your Deaf Heart standing out. Rod is on top form, which after years of countless touring with Idlewild is quite something as you would have forgiven him if he looked a little jaded and blue. His songs are folky, fresh numbers, with impressive harmonies and a togetherness to boot. His set also included some inspiring covers, including Bad Moon Rising by Creedance Clearwater Revival and an absolutely stupendous, no exaggeration there I promise, cover of Snap’s 90s club anthem Rhythm is a Dancer. It shouldn’t have worked, but it did, on so many levels.

Rod’s songs shift from haunting solo numbers to full on country dance-alongs. However, what remains constant throughout the set is the fact you are drawn in to his songs. There is a warmness and humbleness that seeps through tonight’s performance that leaves every person in attendance believing every word that is being sung, every note that is being played and every time signature that is being used. In, “A Sentimental Education” and throughout his live show, Rod and his band have created something that is undoubtedly Scottish yet fresh and thought provoking which I believe are the essential ingredients in making honest, believable music.


Rod Jones MySpace

Cast of the Capital MySpace

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