Peace February 2013

Peace & Indian Red Lopez – The Tunnels – 10/02/13


Peace are an indie four piece hailing from Birmingham (or, as they’ve rather poorly christened it, B-Town). After having had to postpone the Aberdeen date of their November UK tour, they made good on their promise to return on February 10th. So I decided to go and see if the hype surrounding them was justified. And believe you me, it very much is.

Local boys Indian Red Lopez got the night off to a fantastic start and did well not to let the sadly less than interested crowd get to them. Their unique brand of electro-indie translated better than expected live. If at any point you get the point to catch them live, bloody do it.

Then at around 9:30, B-Town boys Peace took to the stage, and boy did they do it with a bang. Kicking off with their first proper single, “Wraith”, which attracted a mass sing along with the crowd, they came out of the gates with a level of live ferocity that I haven’t seen in quite some time. They breezed through re-recorded album cut Follow Baby and Wraith b-side Scumbag before letting loose live favourite Higher Than The Sun (another tune from the upcoming album In Love).

However, California Daze from the band’s first release EP Delicious got by far the biggest reaction from the crowd, with a mosh pit devouring the entirety of the gig’s floor like a ravenous black hole. Then came the fourth and final album track of the night, the brilliant Toxic, with a chorus reminiscent of Cheryl Crow’s 1994 hit “All I Wanna Do” (and I mean that in the best way imaginable).

They then performed a slightly extended version of the already 10 minute long 1998, a cover of Binary Finary’s song of the same title. This tune caused the most amount of moshing, as it contains about 7 breakdowns. Riotous bliss. They ended the night with Bloodshake, which sent the crowd into a frenzy of strange dancing and hysteric singing.

Every song that the band played sounded like it could fill a venue with a capacity of anywhere between 300 to 30,000 people, they’re already THAT huge sounding. The punters left with croaky voices and bruised bodies, but you’d be hard pressed to find a single person who weren’t blown away by the band’s set.

Words by Jake.

Peace Website

Indian Red Lopez Facebook

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