Motorhead November 2010

Motorhead, Michael Monroe Band & Skew Siskin – AECC – 08/11/10

Even though I only listen to the first 5 Motorhead albums (I prefer the ‘classic’ line-up of Lemmy, Fast Eddie and Philthy Animal Taylor), the news that they were playing in Aberdeen for the first time in almost 30 years was a must attend for me. Sadly the original venue, The Music Hall, was cast aside due to demand for tickets in favour of the sound-mix sapping AECC.

Skew Siskin
 Skew Siskin
I cannot for the life of me recall the name of the first support and a bit of searching has failed to turn up the name. Maybe my Googling technique is flawed. Perhaps one of the other FnS guys knows the answer and can fill in the blank (it was Skew Siskin). What I do know is that they were fronted by a leather clad woman with a throaty vocal technique which actually had me thinking the band was led by a Vince Noir-from-Mighty-Boosh lookalike until the lights caught her at the right angle and I realized there were breast there. Oops. In any case they weren’t my cup of tea, kind of bog-standard stuff and one song that featured heavy use of the lyric ‘Fuck you’, accompanied by raised middle finger was just irritating.

Michael Monroe Band

Michael Monroe Band

Michael Monroe Band

Next up was ex-Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe. As I had to explain to my wife and mates who attended the gig with me, Hanoi Rocks were an early 80’s glam metal band who had a member killed in a car crash with Vince Neil from fellow metal goons Motley Crue. Michael Monroe appears to be stuck in the early 80’s, with feather cut blond hair and clothes to match. It was pretty horrific stuff, particularly the Damned cover. Ginger from The Wildhearts was playing guitar. Spotting that fact was about the most interesting thing that happened during that set. And I never liked that band either.





Motorhead took to the stage and I was convinced they had started the set in true ‘No Sleep Till Hammersmith’ style with ‘Ace of Spades’, in a get-the-big-one-out-of-the-way fashion. It turned out however to be another song with the same bass riff, possibly called ‘We Are Motorhead’. Maybe the AECC sound mix made it seem more similar than it was but the sheer volume combined with the acoustics meant the set was just a wall of noise. I had hoped for a few more of the earlier tracks I was familiar with but apart from a late set appearance from ‘Overkill’ and of course ‘Ace of Spades’ I was a bit ignorant of what they were playing. I do know there was a drum solo though. I’m a bit disappointed that Lemmy would allow a drum solo but then again it’s probably just so he can go have a fag or something.
I ended up a bit disappointed by this gig, although it’s probably my own fault for going along with a lack of familiarity with the material from the bulk of their career. I can tick them off on my must-see list I suppose but I don’t think I would rush back to see them again.    Godzilla Blues

Pics by Still Burning

Motorhead Website

Michael Monroe Website

Skew Siskin Website


2 Responses to Motorhead November 2010

  1. motorsmell says:

    I hope you have finally updated your motorhead album knowledge…….Try 1916,Bastards,Inferno and there latest offering The world is yours you will not be disapointed it shits all over the “classic line up” whatever that may be seeing as Phill Campbell and Mikkey Dee have played overkill and ace of spades more time than Eddie and Phillthy…….they have also wrote far better albums in my opinion…….thats me though….check out my former band its a terrible mix of clash and motorhead the almost full discog is on my blog…..start with the album if you can be arsed…….

  2. Thanks for the comments, I have indeed added to the collection – 1916, Orgasmatron, Snake Bite Love, Bastards and The World is Yours so far…all decent! I guess the ‘classic line-up’ thing stems from my memories of the line-up that was in place when I first got into them and perhaps mistakenly I had always been led to believe that after Iron Fist things kind of tailed off…never mind better late than never I suppose! And after seeing the documentary Lemmy I was left with a desire to see them again…hopefully the opportunity will present itself (and not in the AECC!)..cheers!

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