March of the Mods 2014 – The Story

March of the Mods 2014 – The Story

I’d heard of March of the Mods before, when Stephen Rafferty (of Target 5) had mentioned it a few months ago, brainstorming the idea in a chat before T5 went on stage somewhere. To give some background here’s Stephen’s answers to some of our questions on the why, where, who and how did it happen, March of the Mods 2014, Aberdeen style.

Note: All monies raised from the nationwide chain of MotM events go to Teenage Cancer Trust.

March of the Mods, Aberdeen -

“After taking part in March of the Mods 2013 in Glasgow we (Target 5) wondered if we could possibly organise an event in Aberdeen. We started to discuss what we would do, who we would ask to play, which venue could we use, and so on. We thought of having a double event by hiring the Belmont Cinema and showing a matinée of Quadrophenia and then bands later on in Cafe Drummonds. We also had to convince the organisers of  March of the Mods to give us a Saturday slot (it’s a nationwide event, check the link to the website at the bottom of this page), as all the Saturdays had been allocated to other cities that were taking part this year.Thankfully they agreed to double up the dates due to the demand that they had from other cities as well so they got back to us and offered us Saturday the fifteenth of March, which we were very grateful for. All of a sudden things were taking shape.

The next thing we did was approach Jim at Cafe Drummonds who was up for helping us out from the start, so that in hand, the next thing was to investigate getting the film showing in place. The Belmont managed to track down who owned the rights to it and managed to get back to us with a quote for showing the film. We didn’t realise how much it would cost and wondered if it was actually worth putting the film on, especially as we didn’t know if anyone wanted to see a film that they’d probably seen a hundred times. We then thought about getting sponsorship from a local company to cover any expenses and thus letting all the money raised go to the charity. Julie (also of Target 5) asked her boss at Queens Cross Dental if they’d be able to help us out in any way and they were happy to sponsor all costs for the cinema, then all it was needed was the Belmont to confirm that they could get the film. Thankfully they managed, so part one of MotM was in place.

March of the Mods, Aberdeen -

We then had to look into bands for the event, there’s not a lot of Mod acts on the go in the Aberdeen area but thought we’d try to mix it up a bit by asking The Chandeliers who had just played the Aberdeen Scooter Club Rally and went down really well with their mix of soul, ska and rockabilly tunes. Next taken on board were Oxbow Lake Band with their own brand of funk, soul, ska and r&b. Captain Wow were also signed up to take part but sadly split up before the event. Local youngster Marc Culley was asked if he’d be up for opening the show so he rounded up a couple of mates and they learnt a set of songs within six weeks (just shows what you can do when you put your mind to it). Garry Seagraves was taken on as compare for the bands stage and also entertain the crowd with some magic between bands.

Initially we’d asked a couple of DJs to spin some songs between bands so Tony Greig and Lloyd Miller were on board. Discussions moved on to include other DJs so the decision was taken to move the event from Drummonds to Tunnels, using Tunnels 1 for bands and Tunnels 2 for DJs. We started looking for more DJs and it was a lot easier than we thought it would be, everyone we asked wanted to be part of it, too many in fact, it was difficult to say no to anyone who offered their services on the night. In the end we had Acky Buchan, Des Crombie, Lloyd Miller, Martin Penny, Hayden Bye, Andy Oxbow, Dan Easy Now Major, Kevin Coghill, Billy Hutchison, Ramsay Clark and Angela Michael. They all got half an hours set to play but things didn’t go quite to plan but they all went with the flow and at one point there were three DJs on at a time all taking turns to spin tunes. They all did an excellent job and the dancefloor was busy all night.


March of the Mods, Aberdeen -

We also managed to get a raffle organised, which was drawn before the last band played. Morrison Construction generously donated a guitar as a main prize, which was then decorated by Martin Penny with a target to give it a mod theme. Aberdeen Fire Protection Alliance donated 1000 pounds, Billy Aitken painted a scene from Quadrophenia onto a canvas which sparked a lot of interest from potential buyers before the raffle was drawn. A signed drum skin by the drummer from Pink Floyd donated by Dave Souden of Electrotek, signed photographs from Dod Morrison, a Jam record collection from Gavin Mundie and various prints were some of the raffle prizes up for grabs on the night. Angie Greig, Lynette Reilly, Wendy Wends and Neil Watson did a cracking job managing to sell an amazing 2000 tickets on the night.

March of the Mods, Aberdeen -

We had no idea how well we would do but we managed to sell over 450 tickets a month before the event which was a huge relief to us. The final total raised from the Aberdeen event was 7126 pounds. We were blown away by how generous everyone has been through the event, from start to finish.

We’ll be having another one next year in 2015 but sadly its a Sunday next time. Will it be as popular? We’ll have to wait and see.”  Stephen Rafferty.


One behalf of everyone who attended I’d like to thank you for a great night of music, dancing and great tunes, along with a brilliant atmosphere from start to finish and I think everyone really enjoyed it, and can’t wait for next years one. Also very well done to you and your band of helpers who made it all possible. We are the Mods indeed. Respect to all where its due.

And the Dons League Cup win the next day just topped off a great weekend for many of us. 🙂  SB.

Images by Dark Secret and Still Burning.

March of the Mods website

Teenage Cancer Trust website

The Story – The Music – The People – The Rest


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