Idlewild November 2009

Idlewild – The Warehouse – 06/11/2009

Idlewild are one of my favourite bands and in my opinion one of the best bands to come out of Scotland in the past ten years. Seeing them in my home town in what could be described as an intimate gig (I have seen them at T in the Park and at the Music Hall and in terms of size Mosh- sorry The Warehouse is tiny) was a prospect that I was thoroughly looking forward too.

First up was Glasgow based folk band Sparrow and the Workshop who were probably as surprised as I was at the amount of people that had made their way down early to catch the only support band of the night. Sparrow as I will abbreviate them as are a three piece, fronted by the lovely Jill O’Sullivan who reminds me of a shy Janis Joplin. O’Sullivan has a haunting vocal that compliments the Sparrows’ distinctive playing style and somehow manages to fit in with the manic drumming that also includes, quite bizarrely, a percussive device of hitting a sheet of metal that acts as a symbol in the middle of the drum kit. Mad Skillz indeed.

Sparrow and the Workshop are pleasant; a soft, gentle start to the night that no one can really complain about and no one does as the end of their set is met with applause by the ever thronging Warehouse crowd.

I make my way to the bar and order a pint. I get a tenner out cause I know what Moshulu was like for prices in the past. However, with pints only £2 because of the new Scottish Licensing Laws putting a 72 hours freeze on drinks prices and the fact that The Warehouse couldn’t get off with charging £3.50 for a Carlsberg at their club night following the gig, I depart happy with my purchase and go to find a suitable spot for watching my heroes in action.

Idlewild bound on to the stage and set the tone for the evening, opening with Too Long Awake from their Warning/Promises E.P. What first hits me is that tonight, for once, the sound in The Warehouse is spot on. Roddy’s vocals are so crystal clear that it feels like he is singing straight to me and the mix of the guitars, bass and drums are perfect. City Hall, Readers and Writers and Post Electric, taken from new album Post Electric Blues are favourites, not just with me but with the ever willing crowd as Idlewild rattle through a set containing songs spanning from all five of their albums. Crowd favourites American English, In Remote Part and You Held The World In Your Arms are met with rapturous applause as Idlewild show just how dynamic they are with a set full of light and shade. Finishing the night where it all began with the punktastic Captain and Last Night I Missed All The Fireworks from their very first E.P, Idlewild tonight show just why they are one of Scotland’s finest bands and that despite numerous label changes and bassist departures, there still is a place for them in today’s music scene.

Aberdeen will always have time for Idlewild and with new album Post Electric Blues adding twelve new songs to the band’s ever increasing repertoire of tunes, it is very hard to see how people will stop loving this band in the years to come. 

Idlewild, tonight we doth our caps to you.


Too Long Awake
Younger Than America
City Hall
Listen To What You Got
Idea Track
Mistake Pageant
I’m Happy To Be Here Tonight
Readers & Writers
In Competition For The Worst Time
(The Night Will Bring You) Back To Life
I’m A Message
Dreams Of Nothing
American English
A Modern Way Of Letting Go
In Remote Part
You Held The World In Your Arms
Post Electric
Live In A Hiding Place
Last Night I Missed All The Fireworks

Written by Justboy57

1 Response to Idlewild November 2009

  1. Jeff Bruce says:

    Gutted I missed this gig, had to sell my tickets at short notice, hope they come back asap!

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