Glasvegas December 2012

Glasvegas, The Amazing Snakeheads and The Mirror Trap – The Garage, Aberdeen – 06/12/12

Glasvegas - The Garage, Aberdeen

Despite not been impressed with their second album Euphoric Heartbreak or their last gig in the city or even their performance at Rockness last year I was still looking forward to this gig having fond memories of their gig at this venue on their Gonzo Tour in 2008 (?), when it was filmed for MTV.  The dancefloor was simply bouncing that night.

Anyway, another chance was given to redeem themselves, out goes James white clothing, the light up mic cables, the solemness of the second album (mostly) and back came the black leather jacket, Converse, jeans and a Levis/Elvis t-shirt that may well have been bought at the Barras. Maybe we were going back a couple of steps after all.

The venue proved to be a great choice for this gig, dark, moody and has a proper rock venue vibe as the two supports entertained us, The Mirror Trap (from Dundee) and the angry Amazing Snakeheads. Both were interesting but I had some stuff to catch up with my pal so they didn’t get my full attention I’m afraid. Once thing to watch with this venue for future reference  is the early closing time (it morphs into a nightclub most nights) so that means an early kick-off time to catch the supports.

So, Glasvegas, what do I say. The majority (nine songs I think) of the set, came from their self-titled debut album and only three from Euphoric Heartbreak with a couple of new songs added as teasers for the forthcoming album to be released next year. Rab and Paul are still on guitars and Jonna is proving to be a suitable replacement for Caroline McKay who I thought would be a sore miss at the time. Main man James Allan looks happy at his work again and I think that as the set went on the fondness for those original songs came flooding back, both for the band and the audience too.

There is a picture of the setlist below but the highlights for me were Flowers and Football Tops, Ice Cream Van, Geraldine, Ice Cream Van and Daddy’s Gone. Having said that Its My Own Cheating Heart was memorable, as was Go Square Go and I’d like to hear the penultimate song, I’d Rather Be Dead Than Be With You again, certainly a message in there for someone I’d imagine!

Thanks lads, for keeping Aberdeen on your tour schedules, I certainly enjoyed it and I’d imagine a good few of the 400 crowd would have too.

Words and pics by Still Burning.

Glasvegas - The Garage, Aberdeen glasvegas_0351 glasvegas_0477 glasvegas_0481 glasvegas_0502 glasvegas_0526 glasvegas_0585 glasvegas_0617 glasvegas_0630 glasvegas_0636 glasvegas_0672

The Amazing Snakeheads

The Amazing Snakeheads - The Garage, Aberdeen

theamazingsnakeheads_0084 theamazingsnakeheads_0090 theamazingsnakeheads_0138 theamazingsnakeheads_0176 theamazingsnakeheads_0192 theamazingsnakeheads_0201 theamazingsnakeheads_0239 theamazingsnakeheads_0294

The Amazing Snakeheads - The Garage, Aberdeen

The Mirror Trap

The Mirror Trap - The Garage, Aberdeen themirrortrap_0028 themirrortrap_0034 themirrortrap_0061

Glasvegas Website

The Amazing Snakeheads Facebook

The Mirror Trap Website

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