Errors September 2010

Errors, The Twilight Sad and The Little Kicks – The Lemon Tree – 29/09/10 

Nae much of a review this. Problems at work meant I was late arriving and then subsequently spent half the gig nipping out to make or take phone calls didn’t make for the most leisurely of evenings but c’est la vie. It doesn’t happen too often.

The Little Kicks

The Little Kicks

Anyway, my late arrival meant that I only caught the last three songs of The Little Kicks’ set. What can I say? Well crafted tuneful songs. Decent playing and great vocal delivery. Think of the Strokes with all the spiky edges smoothed away, something like that. Pleasant enough stuff but it didn’t really move me at all. Perhaps it was the work distractions or maybe the fact they didn’t look like they were having much fun up there, who knows?

The Twilight Sad

The Twilight Sad

Next up was The Twilight Sad who I had high hopes for. I’m a big fan and had seen them earlier in the year struggling against the wall-of-soup mixing techniques of the Warehouse. I hoped the Lemon Tree PA would suit them better and allow some of the subtler elements of their songs to shine through. This proved to be the case in the main with all instruments distinct in the mix. However, the gig was less satisfying for me somehow. The band didn’t seem to get “in the zone” quite as often as they’d done at the previous gig. You know that point where the sound just takes you over and transports you somewhere else, band and audience alike? It only happened for me a couple of times tonight, notably on The Invisible Boy and Made To Disappear. Of course, the work-related interruptions didn’t help. Neither did my increasing irritation with the young, studenty(?) element of the crowd who seemed to be there only to chat loudly / get drunk and fall about / cop off / squeal excitedly at their mates, the music seemingly at best incidental, at worst irrelevant to their evening. Still, at least a few of them seemed to appreciate the Twilight Sad’s atmospherics as there was a healthy cheer at the end of the set. No encore though.





With the work issues ongoing, I’d thought I’d probably watch a couple of Errors tunes then duck out early and head into the office on the way home. However, a chance meeting with Still Burning (and the subsequent chat – see, I’m just as bad as “the kids”!) meant that I stuck around till the end. I love both the Errors albums in my collection but wasn’t sure how their dance-inflected instrumentals would come across in the live arena for a full set. However, it worked surprisingly well and they generated (finally) some movement from the dwindling crowd. Unlike some electronic acts I’ve seen, who appear to use their synths and midi-racks as a safety barrier with which to divorce themselves from the crowd, Errors interact with the audience and are themselves moved to dance around to their own compulsive beats. For myself, although I was splitting my attention between the band and SB if I’m being honest, I was conscious of the fact that my feet never stopped tapping and my head nodding throughout their set. The set unsurprisingly focused heavily on their latest album Come Down With Me with a few crowd pleasers like the closing Pump thrown in for good measure. Good stuff indeed and for me the best act of the night. I’d definitely like to check them out again on a night with no distractions and preferably no drive back to Peterhead afterwards. Judging by the crowd response, it’s clear plenty of others rate them too.

So this was a well attended mid-weeker showing a broad range of the young Scottish talent on the go at the moment. These three acts are the tip of the iceberg. Let’s hope the Lemon Tree puts on more nights like this soon.

New York Johnny

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