Deacon Blue November 2014

Deacon Blue, supported by Zervas and Pepper – The Music Hall, Aberdeen – 30/11/14

A chilly Sunday night and we’re off out again, this time to see a name from our youth. With many hits under their belt they’d probably be forgiven by fans for resting on their laurels and simply touring with their strong back catalogue. However with an album released in 2012 (The Hipsters) and their new one – A New House – released this year, they have plenty of newer material to slot in amongst the old favourites.

Deacon Blue4

Zervas and Pepper are a Welsh duo, this time in their full band formation. Zervas being Paul Zervas and Pepper, Kathryn Pepper. Individually they have great voices, but together they produce harmony-rich rocky/country/folky music – we had trouble pinning a genre down actually. On their website they describe themselves as Cosmic Folk Rock/Acoustic/Prairie Pop/Country Rock – so it seems they also have the same problem. No matter, whatever it is, it sounded pretty good and had my foot tapping.

I enjoyed one song in particular ‘Sure Fire Bet’ – with a chorus that seemed to be heading in one direction, then swooped off into another. You can hear an acoustic version here.

They thanked the audience for coming in early to see them – often a problem for support bands, who in this case had the temptation of the open bar next door to contend with, as no drinks were allowed in the auditorium.

Zervas and Pepper2 Zervas and Pepper5 Zervas and Pepper3 Zervas and Pepper4

I expect most of you are familiar with Deacon Blue – they had a string of hits in the late 80’s and early 90’s, before splitting up, then reforming 5 years later. Since then they’ve released 4 albums, the most recent having been released in October, and some of the new material is being showcased in this current tour.

They gave as polished a performance as ever, and the voices seem not to have changed much at all. They kicked off with ‘Bethlehem Begins’, with the starting big drum beat played in darkness a good way to rouse anticipation.

The pleasant ‘Wild’ was next, taken from their new album, followed by ‘Stars’ from ‘The Hipsters’ album, a bouncy little number. ‘Twist and Shout’ had folk on their feet and singing along.

Deacon Blue2 Deacon Blue 2Deacon Blue3Deacon Blue5Deacon Blue4Deacon Blue3

We were only there for the first 4 songs however, and had to leave just as it seemed the party was getting started (no spare seats – the show was a sell out).

We left to the strains of ‘Queen of the New Year’ – apt really, as we noticed the Music Hall exterior light projections were wishing us a (tad early) Happy New Year.

You can also browse our flickr albums of images from the show, for Deacon Blue click here, and Zervas and Pepper click here.

Words and pictures by Dark Secret and Still Burning.

Deacon Blue Website

Zervas and Pepper Website

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