Copy Haho June 2011

Copy Haho, Julian Lynch, Ducktails & Big Troubles – The Tunnels – 04/06/11

Julian Lynch

I’d been looking forward to this one since it was announced and it signalled the start of a great month of gigs in Aberdeen, unfortunately I had been struck down by a mystery virus (read: common cold), I wasn’t going to let this stop me and dragged myself down after overdosing (not advised) on some cough meds.

First up were Big Troubles, competing against an early start they began their set to a small crowd, it didn’t seem to bother any of them as they played their own blend of fuzzy lo-fi pop, reminding me of Dinosaur Jr at times. Really good fun a and a great way to start the gig.

Next up were Ducktails, the band of Real Estates Matt Mondanile (which also featured 3 members of Big Troubles). The bulk of the songs were from the recent “Arcade Dynamics” which has been on heavy rotation since I got it. The chilled out surf of “Hamilton Road” and “Sunset Liner” brought the growing crowd to life. The highlight of the set was the closer “Killing the Vibe”, with its warm Hawaiian melody and summertime sing-along vocals finished the set with the perfect vibe.

Stonehavens Copy Haho, playing Aberdeen for the first time this year and for the first time ever a new member playing violin and the occasional guitar. Their set consisted mostly of songs from their much-anticipated debut album (out later this month on their very own Slow Learner records). As a result their was a number of songs that were completely new to me and I imagine most in attendees The new songs sound more matured compared to those on their EP“Bred for skills and magic” but blended well with relatively older“Wrong Direction” and “Dying Breed” gave me something I could pretend to sing-along with.

Last up was Julian Lynch who’s band featured two members of Big Troubles (including the drummers third shift behind the drums). This was far from being Julian’s first visit to Aberdeen as he is an alumni of the University of Aberdeen. Taking to the stage in a long Burberry jacket he kicked off the set with the first song off of 2010 “Mare” album “Just Enough”. It was clear from the start the dynamics of the live show were really quiet different from his recorded output, mainly a lot louder. With his band taking all ques from him he was in perfect control of the blissed-out jams able to change from chilled out clean tones to massive overdriven riffs with ease. Little is said in between songs, instead a shrug of the shoulders and massive smile signal the end of one song and a the beginning of a new one. The set ends with a long spaced out jam with Julian’s guitar sounding like a crazy overdriven synth and has the whole room transfixed and scratching their heads at what they are hearing.

Best gig of the year, well done IMP.     Big Blonde.

Copy Haho

Copy HahoCopy HahoCopy HahoCopy HahoCopy HahoCopy HahoCopy HahoCopy HahoCopy HahoCopy Haho

Julian Lynch

Julian Lynch

Julian Lynch

Julian Lynch

Julian Lynch

Julian Lynch

Julian Lynch

Julian Lynch

Julian Lynch



Big Troubles

Big TroublesBig TroublesBig TroublesBig TroublesBig Troubles

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