Chris T-T and the Hoodrats November 2014

Chris T-T and the Hoodrats, supported by Depeche Choad – The Tunnels, Aberdeen – 28/11/14

Another Friday night gig this time its and two bands we’ve not seen live before, always a good thing these days, so we were looking forward to taking some photos and generally chilling out to some new music after a pretty hectic couple of weeks.

Chris T-T and the Hoodrats

SB: First up is Depeche Choad, a band I’m sure confused by many as a tribute act for a band with a similar name (like I wondered – DS), however that’s where the similarities ended. Always interesting to see a mic stand, and keyboards, on the dancefloor, even if it’s forced because of their drumkit being in front of the main acts one. Singer Choad Kroeger certainly took advantage of the floorspace offered to him. They describe themselves as Trivial Girth Rock, a humorous tag but one which we guess they lived up to.

DS: There was an interesting mix of vocals with this band – the drummer started the set off alone on stage, with the rest of the band eventually joining him from the audience, from where they initially joined him in the vocals. The lead vocals were a total contrast to the drummers vocals – with the lead being somewhat harsh and the drummers holding a melody. I really liked that. Great fun band – using a frying pan as a cymbal was inspired. I will definitely catch this bunch again, despite the hating of cats thing.

Depeche ChoadDepeche ChoadDepeche ChoadDepeche Choad

SB: Chris T-T and the Hoodrats, well, not really `and` the Hoodrats as Chris himself explained, he is also a Hoodrat and they are his friends too.  Always good to hear a top musician putting himself as the same importance level as the rest of his band. This band has a habit of making you wonder what’s coming next during their songs,  different styles going on and songs which unfold stories. It`s like some sort of noised up folk music, where the singer tells a tale and everyone else (male drummer and keyboard player, female lead and bass guitarists, the latter two being engaging to watch) adds their flavour to the soup as the pot gets stirred.

He’s a very clever lyricist, weaving the fun (elephants and giraffes) into songs with much stronger issues.  That last song, on his own, entire band squeezed onto the steps at the side of the stage, no music, just himself singing, the room was pin drop silent, just great.

Chris T-T and the Hoodrats

I was impressed how he (mostly) ignored the `banter` from the crowd and did most of the talking himself, that’s who we’d paid to watch after all. He’s an interesting chap is Chris, and you could do worse that have a read about him on his website, the links at the bottom of this page.

DS: Some of the songs really hooked me and dragged me in – the one about the dolphin left me hanging on Chris’s every word and the final solo (vocals only) just went to prove what a fantastic voice he has. Such a mundane start to the song – his car had broken down and he was waiting on the RAC – but then it wandered off into the past to when the road was first built and all the trees were destroyed (it was more than the Foremans’ job was worth not to), despite pleading from the oldest tree that once they were gone the world would be a worse place to be. There’s a moral there.

Chris T-T and the HoodratsChris T-T and the HoodratsChris T-T and the HoodratsChris T-T and the Hoodrats

SB: So, a much better than average Friday night, and all for £7.00. I think we’ll be seeking out The Bear as a download (no cd`s available on the night, all sold out apparently) on that thing he finally remembered the nameof, t’ internet. Also keep an eye out for Depeche Choad appearing locally – we will be anyway. At around fifty or so the crowd was slightly on the low side, sadly, but I’m sure all who turned up enjoyed it and will return for more next time round.

You can see more images from the show on flickr, for Chris T-T and the Hoodrats click here, and for Depeche Choad click here.

Words and pictures by Dark Secret and Still Burning.

Chris T-T Website

Depeche Choad Facebook

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