Cancer Bats November 2010

Cancer Bats & Vera Cruz – Cafe Drummonds – 06/11/10

Two short reviews and some pics from the sold-out gig at Cafe Drummonds.

First up with comments on the evening is Telenovela

I arrived at Drummonds by rushing past friends of mine to get inside out of the cold because it was so bitter! Drummonds was a stark contrast to outside as it was so hot and sweaty and filled with 300 gig-goers, waiting with baited breath for the main act of the evening, Cancer Bats.

First up was Vera Cruz, a hardcore band from France who tried their hardest to warm-up the crowd but with little luck. Screams of “stage dive, stage dive, stage dive” came from the singer as another band member shouted for everyone up on stage as he proclaimed “our stage is your stage”. It wasn’t ‘til the last song that the crowd duly obliged and filled the stage in numbers before security ushered everyone off. (2/5)

Cancer Bats were a completely different entity! Arriving on stage to 300 screaming fans, you could feel the energy multiply ten-fold. Ripping through a set of songs both old and new the crowd lapped it up from start to finish. Where Vera Cruz failed, Cancer Bats more than succeeded with crowd surfing and stage diving through the whole set. Even the chandelier in the roof felt the brunt of one avid fan before it was politely passed over heads to the bar to be fixed later! In the moments that Liam and the boys paused for breath, the crowd managed chants – appropriate at a hardcore gig or not – of ‘Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Aberdeen’ and ‘Stand Free’ which Liam even joined in with.

As the gig was drawing to a close after a 14 song set – the stand in drummer learned all that in 2 days!!! – there was time for one last burst of energy, whipping up the crowd in to one final frenzy, leaving the crowd gasping for more. (4/5)    Telenovela

Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats

And now some words from Still Burning

When I noticed this gig announced I was like, oh hello must look into that. I’d known of the Cancer Bats for sometime but never really given them much continuing audio sampl-age for some reason. I’d heard a couple of their tracks of course, but the hardcore end of the musical spectrum has never really taken my interest to any great extent, even when one of my pals was playing Discharge’s WHY every time I went round to see him back in the day. I got through that period, probably as he never actually asked my if I liked them. I actually own some Discharge stuff on vinyl, probably because it was `essential` collection material for punkster types at the time. I’m a changed man now though, I still havent found God (or even looked for the fella) but I’m all ears to tuneage out with my preferred box these days. As it turned out I stood to be completely sold by this gig.

Now and again you’ll hear the phrase `a statement of intent` in life and that is what Vera Cruz vocalist Flavien made as he dived into the crowd within seconds of going on stage. Yes, I was impressed at the intensity of this moment and it really set the benchmark for the evening. I’m afraid that writing this a week later (I was hoping someone more into the bands than me would do a review, if you can get in touch?) I’ve all but forgotten any track titles but what I still remember, no still feel is the pure adrenalin of the entire evening… far, far better than listening to these guys on any £100 car stereo anyway. The half hour or so just flies past, we get challenged to get on stage and all sorts, maybe the imminent performance of the Cancer Bats kept the crowd mostly at bay but I thought the performance by VC was a superb warm up act for the Bats. I’d go and see these guys again any day and from what they were saying afterwards they’d really enjoyed playing Aberdeen.

I really don’t know what the (permitted) numbers are in Drummonds but it looks like every black t-shirt wearing man and child in Aberdeen has been squeezed into this small venue in Belmont Street tonight and its pretty rammed by the time Cancer Bats come on stage. The fourteen songs or so sang with power, anger and ferocity even include a Beastie Boys cover and made my wish I’d studied their back catalogue before I made the journey here tonight. Actually, post gig I have done so and (in my humble opinion) its NOTHING like seeing these guys live. So summarising, yes, go see these guys next time they’re in town and yes, I really fucking enjoyed it when the rule book probably said `no chance`. ACE!     Still Burning.

Cancer Bats Set List

Vera Cruz

Vera Cruz

Vera Cruz

Vera Cruz

Vera Cruz

Pics by Still Burning.

Cancer Bats MySpace

Vera Cruz MySpace

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