Buzzcocks September 2010

Buzzcocks, The Trade and Redtrack – Fat Sams – 09/09/10

After seeing them at Wickerman Festival a few weeks ago Still Burning took a short road trip to Fat Sams in Dundee on Thursday night to see the Buzzcocks again. Support on the night came from local boys The Trade and tour support Redtrack from Southend.

First up at the very prompt time of quarter past eight are the poppy-indie-punky quartet Redtrack who I think were on just a bit too early given that the doors only opened at eight. So thirty minutes of punchy tunes it was although there was maybe just a bit too much volume on the drums and bass on the night which drowned out the vocals just a bit. You can hear them for yourself on their rather excellent website (the links at the bottom of this page) and while it’s not really an original style that they have they’re far from being easily dismissed. What I did notice however, was that none of their songs really stuck in my head and while that might be down to me looking forward to seeing the headliners its quite unusual for me. Still, plenty of potential for the future there, and yeah, I’d happily go and see them again. Nice shirts too.

I’m basically saying the same things about The Trade every single time I go and see them so their half hour slice of the evening held no surprises. Just the usual portion of indie guitar rock with all the trimmings. To be a little critical I’d say we maybe need some new material, just to allow some variation in their sets but I’m sure that’s something that Andy and the boys will be working on when they get a chance. Their fanbase seems to be growing since their album release and the corresponding tour so we’ll maybe see them headline here themselves one day. Solid performance as always on the night though. They’re playing The Tunnels on Wednesday September the 22nd with Mark Morriss (The Bluetones), Wilson and Kashmir Red so a chance to go along to check them out for yourselves if you like that kind of thing.

Many great British institutions have come and gone like the Ten o’Clock News and its ironic that’s the time showing on the ol’ Timex when the Buzzcocks take their turn on stage. The volume in Fat Sams has been set to high tonight (is that normal folks?) and it’s a great start when they tear into Boredom and Fast Cars. It’s like they need no gimmicks (much like The Undertones I suppose) and just play their guitars and drums with total concentration and precision. Singer, songwriter, guitarist Pete Shelly holds it all together in the centre of the stage, bassist Chris Remmington on the right, Danny Farrant on sticks and guitarist, vocalist and all round showman geezer Steve Diggle entertains us with his moves on the left. Like the New York Dolls a week or so ago, its a set that just whizzes past and its great to see so many people singing along with the words.

Overall its a performance that’s tighter than erm, something very tight and we get eighteen songs worth of it before the lads leave the stage. There’s no doubt the crowd would  demand an encore although the (mostly) middle aged mosh pit did take a while to get going tonight. On that note on the bands t-shirts I spotted on the night, easy winners were The Clash with a nice surprise to see an Angelic Upstarts one in the crowd. The three song encore starts off with a song I’ve never liked, Oh Shit, although it was handy to put on back in the day when you wanted to annoy your parents. Cringeworthy tune over (only my opinion!) it’s onto the real anthems that simply are The Buzzcocks, Ever Fallen in Love and the brilliantly titled Orgasm Addict. As the band take their well deserved applause I think we’re maybe in for a treat with a second encore as there a little pause before the house music comes on but then it does and it’s the end of yet another professional performance from these boys. The set list is shown at the bottom of the page.

Ever Fallen In Love With Someone (You Shouldn’t’ve Fallen In Love With)?

Fucking right, and over thirty years later the feelings still almost as good as it used to be.    Still Burning.










The Trade

The Trade

The Trade

Pics by Still Burning.

The Buzzcocks website

The Trade MySpace

Redtrack website

Buzzcocks Setlist


1 Response to Buzzcocks September 2010

  1. jimb says:

    Saw them at the Liquid Rooms Edinburgh the following night. Missed the first support due to the very early start, but it wasn’t The Trade. Caught the end of Redtrack who FINISHED their set at 8:30. Anticipation rises in the crowd as 9pm approaches when Buzzcocks were due on stage. Bang on time they arrive. Good Evening Edinburgh, glad to be back, now lets get on with it. Unlike the Fat Sams crowd, the crowd were instantly in pogo motion and I was drenched in beer. Hey Ho.
    They rattled through pretty much the same set, hardly breaking in between to milk applause. Steve Diggle was the real showman, playing to the crowd all night, and gobbing over his shoulder 2 or 3 times every song.
    The crowd were brilliant, the band were brilliant, the venue was good but no points for the promoter who all but hoiked the band off stage at 10pm with no encore because as Diggle says ” there’s a bleedin discow “. Looks like they played their encore songs in any case, and this is probably why they hardly drew breath during their 1 hour performance.
    I also noted that the sound must have been ratcheted up on the Friday as my lugs were still dirling late saturday efterneen.

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