Barn Owl June 2010

Codes in the Clouds, Barn Owl, Katerwaul & Winter in Siberia – The Tunnels – 13/06/10

Another Sunday night gig for Godzilla Blues, and things didn’t go entirely to plan this week it seems, read on…

Codes in the Clouds Poster

The night was a joint event put on by Pessimist Records and Interesting Music Promotions.

First band on were Winter in Siberia, who I don’t feel in a position to comment on since I am a band member. Suffice to say that this is one of the worst gigs I have played, too many mistakes. I don’t think any of the band enjoyed it or felt we played well. Fourth gig nerves or Sunday night malaise? Possibly a bit of both…moving on swiftly…
The other local band of the evening was up next, Katerwaul, who I recently reviewed in support of The Unwinding Hours. I could probably submit much the same review, with opening number again being ‘Heart of Blackened Gold’ with its 3 way vocal refrain leading the way into the guitar noise. The Union Terrace gardens debacle still rankles singer Tim, with ‘Valley Under A Concrete Sea’, also getting another outing tonight – apparently it is going to be the subject of a special release coming soon. The last number played stepped the noise up another notch with some very enjoyable metallic riffing going on at the end, almost veering towards the heavier sounds of Pelican. I found Katerwaul to be very good again and also managed to procure a copy of their rather nicely packaged album – I shall do a review soon…

Glasgow band Barn Owl were next up and I’ll admit I was in two minds about what to expect – although the pre-gig feedback on them was positive, I felt slightly disheartened to see a glockenspiel on stage. It’s become the go-to instrument for indie-rock bands these days it seems and often feels superfluous, as if the band had a mate they wanted in the band somehow so they decided to get them to plink away over the top. In this case though it actually slots quite naturally into the Barn Owl sound, which is slightly spiky indie-pop, with shimmering guitars and a deceptively simple but nagging bass keeping things underpinned. 3-way vocal harmonies shared by the 2 guitarists and the rather solid drummer. Sadly the 2 guitarist’s turn-about lead vocals were slightly muffled but this didn’t affect my enjoyment of the band too much. One of my pet gripes about indie-type bands these days is where they try so hard to use complicated time signatures and numerous segments within the same song they actually forget to involve anything resembling a tune, but happily Barn Owl keep things relatively straight forward – if you like bands such as Beach House, Yo La Tengo, Teenage Fanclub and ‘Going Blank Again’-era Ride you would probably quite enjoy Barn Owl. Much kudos to the bass player who looked like he had wandered in from an audition for Goldie Lookin’ Chain as well. There was a ‘tour only’ EP up for grabs as well which I obtained, for some no doubt explainable reason this was limited to 22 copies…I managed to get number 2, which appealed to my more anal sensibilities…a review of this shall also appear at some point.

Post-rock band Codes in the Clouds were last on the bill tonight but sadly extreme tiredness forced me to admit defeat before their set so many apologies to them for that, I hate not seeing all bands on offer but my 3 year old son decided 6.30am was the time to get up that day and it caught up with my aging bones in the end…   Godzilla Blues

Codes in the Clouds MySpace

Barn Owl MySpace

Katerwaul MySpace

Winter in Siberia MySpace

2 Responses to Barn Owl June 2010

  1. Badger says:

    Codes in the Clouds were affy affy good. Shame you couldn’t stick around to see them.

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