Bad Manners December 2009

Bad Manners – The Warehouse – 29/12/09

Tonight we take in the Annual Christmas  show with Bad Manners, Max Splodge and the Rude Girls at The Warehouse.

First up are the Rude Girls who seem to consist of half of Bad Manners, well the drummer and the brass section at least and four assorted females in a row.  Half an hour of laid back ska is a great way to start the evening with three different female vocalists (all very different) all taking turns on the main mic.

Max Splodge - The Warehouse


Max Splodge (front man for splodgenessabounds) plays what is known as Punk Pathetique that involves humour and working class cultural themes. Again using some of Bad Manners as his band he is very entertaining  as always and brings a slice of Punk rock to tonight’s proceedings.. Singing “2 Little Boys” Sham’s “Hurry Up Harry”, Tenpoles “Swords of a Thousand Men”  and finishes off as always with his hit “2 Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please”. Its great to see so many of the now busy crowd miming along to these songs that have stood the test of time although probably have not been played many times recently!

Bad Manners - The Warehouse

The its time for Bad Manners to come on and play the instrumental Echo 4+2 ’till Buster comes on with his traditional leopard suit and shouts “This is Ska” and the show has begun, with Buster singing with his trademark sticking out of his tongue. We are given 75 minutes of Ska and loads of dancing. “Fatty Fatty” where Buster rubs his stomach with glee, I’ve never seen someone so proud to be of a larger size. “Special Brew” has me dancing away as it is one of my fave songs. “Sally Brown” is another favourite with the crowd.

Bad Manners - The Warehouse

The memory is a bit hazy but they also played Feel Like Jumping (along with plenty instruction from Buster), Walking in the Sunshine, Just a Feeling, You Fat Bastard, Ne Ne Na Na Na Na Nu Nu, Wooly Bully, Don’t Knock the Baldheads, Lip Up Fatty and finishing off with the Can Can.

To be honest the set dosen’t seem to vary much from this time last year but hey… who cares when yer skanking away on the ice rink that is The Warehouse dancefloor?

The one small gripe I have from that evening was that the gig was advertised as 7pm doors, as was printed on the ticket and the email… so how come (on a very cold night) the doors didnt actually open till 8pm? Cue a few pissed off (and no doubt) frozen birds in the queue, just… why does this happen? Okay, the sound check may have been running late but surely letting the paying punters in would have been a better idea its not like it was fkg July innit?

Ska Dude & Still Burning.

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