10cc October 2014

10cc & Red Sky July – Music Hall, Aberdeen – 04/10/14

On a night when the female side of this blog was feeling far from her usual cheerful best, Still Burning and Dark Secret revisit their youth with a trip to The Music Hall for 10cc.

10cc - flaresnseagulls.com

We arrive in good time, and check out the merch stall. T-shirts featuring such lines such as ‘We don’t like Cricket’ are laid out and the stand is moderately busy as people have arrived and occupy their time until the doors to the hall open and they can take their seats.

Checking out the tour list, they have a busy month ahead of them, having recently toured around Denmark, Norway & Sweden, they’re now off on a trip about the UK – Aberdeen being the first of 22 dates, ending in Margate on the 7th November. Part 2 of the UK tour kicks off in February next year.

It’s a rare gig that SB doesn’t use his shutter finger, but such is tonight. Instead, he’s up in the balcony looking down on the proceedings while I am down the front.

Red Sky July - flaresnseagulls.com Red Sky July - flaresnseagulls.com

Support for tonight is Red Sky July, an acoustic country/folk trio founded in 2009 by guitarist Ally McErlaine (originally from Glasgow and one of the founder – and still current – member of Texas), his wife Shelly Poole (formerly of Alisha’s Attic) and Charity Hair (formerly of The Alice Band).

The two ladies provide the vocals, weaving harmonies around the guitars. Ally suffered a brain aneurysm (when he was 41), remaining critical for over a year and one of the songs they played was introduced as a be grateful for what you have type song with that in mind.

Their new album – Shadowbirds – has been getting rave reviews all over however, they’re not to my taste, maybe being a touch too wholesome for my liking.

10cc - flaresnseagulls.com 10cc - flaresnseagulls.com

It’s been a long time since I listened to 10cc, when I tried to think of a hit, all I could remember was I’m Not in Love… yes, that long. However, within seconds of them coming onstage and launching into The Wall Street Shuffle I was going – oh yeah, I remember this. The second song, The Things We Do For Love, had the audience clapping along on the chorus and me realising I did actually remember the words as I sang along.

10cc - flaresnseagulls.com 10cc - flaresnseagulls.com

They sound as good as they ever did, playing hit after hit. The set seemingly taken from their Very Best Of album. The ridiculousness that is ‘Life is a Minestone’ was playing as I went to find SB – my head had had enough however it was no reflection on 10cc, just that I’d been wrestling with a migraine for 3 days by this point and I needed to find some quiet.

If I’d been up to it, I’d have stayed. It was like a timewarp for me, taking me right back to my teenage years and my first boyfriend who lent me his 10cc LP.

You can see our set of images of 10cc on flickr here.

Words and pics by Dark Secret.

10cc Website

Red Sky July Website

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