Two Minute Noodles Interview

Leeds duo Two Minute Noodles are in Aberdeen next month supporting Isa and the Filthy Tongues at The Tunnels. Still Burning caught up with drummer Moz to find out a little more about them.

Two Minute Noodles

So, Two Minute Noodles… tell us all about yourselves first!

Stephen plays the organ, I (Moz) play the drums -there’s no singing. We have our own car and like to play until someone asks to stop. People have described us as “a seaside Lightning Bolt”, “Satan’s own lift music” and “somewhere between Battles and Fulborn Teversham”.

Where did you take the rather unusual name from?

It comes from the popular food product made from unleavened dough and flavourings, which has the same name. At the time it described the music quite accurately – tunes that lasted around 2 minutes. They are now longer.

Drums…. and an organ. Unusual huh? What drove you to try this unusual combination?

There are an abundance of groups that use only drums and keyboards/synths etc, and these days it’s not that rare for a band to only contain two people/instruments. You don’t see that many organ’s,though. Stephen was given his about three years ago. He wrote a few tunes and asked me to drum along. We enjoy the musical and logistical simplicity of just two people being involved.

Any obvious influences that have inspired your work?

The Warm, Kraftwerk, Zombie Zombie, Kling Klang, Cowtown, Talibam, DJ Shadow.
Ever considered a vocalist …or even a guitarist (or two)?
It would mean less room in the car! We wouldn’t rule out guests playing or singing on recordings. 

Okay… Leeds. Anyone we should be keeping an ear out for?

My favourites are probably Bilge Pump, That Fucking Tank, Cowtown, Mucky Sailor, D’Astro, Gareth S. Brown, Fieldhead. There’s loads more…

What sort of crowds do you get locally?

We’ve played to large,appreciative crowds at the Brudenell Social Club(where we also rehearse)headlining the last British Wildlife Festival and supporting Clinic and Daedulus.

Next weekend we’ll be playing in a rammed rehearsal room at a monthly event called drag and drop. We played at a burlesque night a few weeks ago.

Any recording work on the cards?

We started recording an album and single in December that’s nearly finished. All being well, they’ll be released in the next few months.

Two Minute Noodles

Hope you’re looking forward to playing Aberdeen… have you played Scotland before?

Yes, genuinely excited to come to Aberdeen. It is the first trip to Scotland for this band. I have played at the Tunnels in recent years with Quack Quack and I Had an Inkling, always had a good time.

Five Desert Island Tracks?

Moonshake -Can
A Rainbow in Curved Air-Terry Riley
(You make me feel like a)Natural Blonde-Bilge Pump
Horizontal Hold-This Heat
in the colluseum – Tom Waits

Finally, your favourite flavour of crisps?

Black Pepper.

Thanks for your time Moz and see you on the 24th!   Still Burning.

Two Minute Noodles play The Tunnels on Saturday April the 24th along with Isa and the Filthy Tongues. Admission is £4.

Two Minute Noodles MySpace

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