The Tijuana Sun Interview

…with lead vocallist Mark Ferguson.

First of all, whats the name all about?

One of my favourite songs of all time is called Tijuana Lady by Gomez, I liked that name but with my mates being in a band called Lady Merecedes I thought it too similar, I was also toying with the name The Sunbeams so combined the two. And its better than being called Nickelback!!

So Mark, hows 2009 been for TTS?

This year has been great for us as a band, having only formed last year as a three piece we finally found the rhythm section we were looking for. We’ve also played some great gigs, got a strong set of songs and a good following in Aberdeen. Also recorded some new tracks in Edinburgh and had some radio play so all in all its been an ace year!

The highlights of your year?

Without a doubt it was playing the Beach Ballroom!! Other bands that have played there include The Beatles and Pink Floyd, its just a stunning venue and we were playing with some great bands on the night and got an amazing turnout! So id say that would be the highlight!

The Tijuana Sun - Beach Ballroom Aberdeen

The Tijuana Sun - Beach Ballroom Aberdeen

How has the change from a three piece to a five piece been?

Really smooth, smoother than I thought it would be. Simon & Paul are amazing at what they do and have came in and brought their own thing to the songs. They’ve given us a real kick up the arse and I for one am really happy at how its all turned out, we sound massive and really tight!!

Possibly good experience starting how you did though?

Yeah, it gave us the chance to learn the songs inside out and gave people a taste as to what to expect when we did go full band, also people knew the songs but felt they were getting something more hearing them the way they are now.

What song(s) do you think would do well if released?

We get lots of different reactions to songs, but the core of our setlist would do well I think. Tijuana Soul is a big one for us as is Blinded by the Light. And Black n Blue gets everyone singing! Personally i’d say On Your Knees would do well if released.

Your favourite venues in Aberdeen? As a band, and as a paying punter?

As a band playing it would be The Beach Ballroom, but that’s not an every week venue so id say Drummonds or Warehouse (Moshulu), but you make your own atmosphere. As a punter I like the music hall, nice size venue with a bit of character.

The Tijuana Sun - Aberdeen

The Tijuana Sun - Beach Ballroom Aberdeen

Any gripes as a band? (ie hard to get good support slots, public
focused on mainstream etc?)

I think we’ve been really lucky with supports to be honest, our first gig was supporting one of my musical influences, Gregg Griffin from Proud Mary, since then we’ve supported Ben Ottewell from Gomez, Sergeant, all bands that we love, so in that respect we’ve been lucky. The gig we are playing on Saturday at Drummonds will only be our 6th gig as a full band so im happy with the way its going! As for people liking the mainstream id say we’re close enough to that to get people that don’t know us listening and we’re far enough away from it to get people interested, you cant please everybody all of the time and when you start doing that your gonna get lost! We’re not pretending to be Sigor Ros or Kraftwerk, we’re making music that we like and having a laugh, if people like it then im chuffed if they don’t theres nothing I can do to change that!

Any local (or national) bands or artists you think we should look out for (apart from yourselves of course!)?

A band we’ve played with a few times in Aberdeen and have since became really good friends of our are Kashmir Red. I think you can judge how good a band is (mates or not) when you get annoyed at how good they are, it brings out the jealous side of you and makes you want to step your game up a bit and in that respect they are good for us! Also Vier Left and Vesuvian from Aberdeen are bands to watch. Nationally Im liking Sergeant as ones to watch, they’ve done some pretty big thing so far like supporting Oasis but I reckon they’ll go onto some big things! Also Twisted Wheel are a band I like. And theres a wee band called Kasabian that could do well!!

Five Desert Island Tracks?

Tijuana Lady – Gomez
Cast No Shadow – Oasis
Welcome to the goodtimes – The Black Crowes
Underdog – Kasabian
Immigrant Song – Led Zepplin

Changes every hour but that’s how I feel right now!

Whats your hopes and aims for 2010?

Start the year with a bang by playing Drummonds at Hogmanay, then we plan to record some more, release an EP and hopefully tour it a wee bit, a few big gigs lined up for the first few months of the year so its all looking good for us!

Whats your favourite flavour of crisps?

Well it all depends on the kind of crisp? Hula Hoops id say Beef. Monster Munch, pickled onion. Doritos, Tangy Cheese. But if you pushed me on it id say salt n vinegar!!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Our next gig this year will be a charity gig at Drummonds on Saturday the 19th of December for CLAN.
Also playing are Lady Mercedes, VierLeft, Disco Filth, The Marionettes
+  other bands TBA. Doors open @ 8pm £5 Entry

You can visit The Tijuana Sun’s myspace page here.

Cheers for the interview Mark, and all the best from fns.

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  1. filmoar says:

    Good Interview. Nice work!

  2. newyorkjohnny says:

    Good een!

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