The Paddingtons Interview

fns caught up with vocallist Tom Atkin just as The Paddingtons were about to kick off their end of year tour…

Looks like you’ve got a busy end to 2009?

Yeah the end of this year has picked up loads and got really busy. It all started when our new guitarist Stuee came in to replace Marv earlier this year. The change has just brought a great new vibe to the band. We are all writing as a group more again and really excited to be on the road and recording again. Just starting the tour today in London then on to Berlin on Friday promoting the new FREE single coming out on Nov 23rd. Single is called ‘Shame About Elle’ and you can watch the video online right now. We also just recorded the new Lady Boy EP coming out on Feb 22nd.

And the highlights of the year for The Paddingtons?

Despite the shit that went on at the end of the tour… it has to be the Italian tour we did in January. It was just ace every night sold out shows with lots of nice people we met along the way. And great food and wine every night. Hats off to Eric our promoter over there. But other than that its been a pretty low key year for us with the line up change.

Any amusing stores that have so far remained under wraps?

Well….get ready for this one… our new guy Stuee who may well be a lil bi we think. Not sure thou. Anyway… he once fell on a mini christmas tree arse first, he was all alone in his sky dungeon that he calls his flat. Ace!

A word that describes each band member.


A free single huh? Whys that then?

We’re just generous kind of guys.

An intimate venue with a small but boisterous and up for it crowd, or a large crowd at a festival?

Oooooooo thats a tough one. But I think its gotta be a small venue.

Your favourite places to play? Do you enjoy playing in Scotland?

I love playing in Scotland me. Them guys are fukin mental. Wahhh woooo. But my fave venue to play has gotta be the Adelphi Club in Hull.

Anything you dislike about the music scene in general?

What ever happened to Mr Blobby? X factor although I love it and watch it with my mam and dad, it fuking ruined the christmas chat coz….yeh that’s that. Know what I mean?

Phil Brown. Yes or no?

Mate I fuking love Hull City thanks for this question. Haha. Yeh I have a pass, I go to all the games I can attend unless we are out on the road. Phil Brown is a legend YES! I would be totally gutted if he went even though we have had a pretty shitty run. He has done great for us, better than anyone. Give him more time I say. UP THE TIGERS! X

Your hopes for The Paddingtons for 2010?

2010 we are releasing the ladyboy EP and I hope to be touring most of the year. Then recording the third album right after that. So obviously hoping for a Top 10 place.

Finally, your favourite flavour of crisps.

This is another hard choice oooooo crisps. I’m well into Mini Cheddars at the min if you class that as a bag of crisps. And I love Tomato Snaps.

Thanks for taking the time out to talk to fns and see you in Aberdeen.

You can visit The Paddingtons myspace page here.


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