Newton Faulkner Interview

Cronegull and Steph M managed to catch Newton Faulkner for a few words before he played to a sold-out Lemon Tree (the review of which can be found here).

Newton Faulkner - Lemon Tree - Aberdeen

So you came up today?

Took the train up today was doing Liverpool last night and the video shoot for the new single yesterday.

Any dance moves for the songs on the new album like UFO?

No but a new one came out in the front row in the last couple of days made up by fans to Brick by Brick.

She’s Got Time part3?

No there’s not She’s Got Time part 3, might do it on the next one, it’s still on the cards. I did come up with some ideas, but this is a kinda different animal this one. I think it’s because there’s such a longer gap between theses two. I think I’ve changed, considerably more because the first two were relatively close together, and all I had done was the same five things relentlessly for a couple of years.

Sketches ( new EP) seems to have a different more upbeat feel to it?

Yeah the new album is more up tempo wise.

What did your parents play to you when you were younger that inspired you to pick up the guitar?

All kinds of stuff, lots of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young. Gordon Giltrap ,(my dad was into) was the first big flamboyant thing I heard. He had the Acoustic Guitar Sampler album that had the likes of John Redbourn,Bert Janesh and Gordon Giltrap on it….yep that definitely seeded onto my brain. Between the two of my parents it covered everything from that kind of thing to Supertramp and ELO

We know Eric Roche is your main inspiration, but who else had a big impact on your playing?

Well Thomas Leibe as well, I’ve actually got to know Thomas Leibe really quite well, he arranged one of the tracks on the album which is really amazing, that’s really cool considering he was the first person I ever heard playing that percussion stuff, so weird but not only is it that the guy I heard first and only the nit that I asked him to arrange… he plagiarized himself and not only that  but the bit he plagiarized was the bit that I first heard ,and he’d done like four or five albums and the one thing that he referenced quite heavily was from his own back catalogue was this track, which was the first thing that I ever heard….that’s amazing..very strange, it definitely feels very right!

Dinner party, three people dead or alive..who and why?

Sacha Baron Cohen, Meatloaf, have to have a woman, maybe Dawn French, you know what? Sacha I can imagine being real fun and Meatloaf again really fun and over the top and oh Brian Blessed that’s a name to chuck in for dinner parties!

How many guitars do you have?

Lost count! I’ve bought a new one on the road….something like fifteen or something, so it’s not so crazy! It,s like my newest is a Nick Benjamen, which I knew before it was a guitar, it was still just bits of wood. My oldest is a 1946 Gibson, yeah I’ve a fretless Telecaster copy, I’ve a little Telecaster Mandoline which is awesome, yeah and I,e got loads and loads of new weird stuff. I’ve got a piano, Irish Harp, Chinese Zither, Sitar which featured on the first album quite a lot. Yeah lots of strange kinda things!

Ustream…any plans to do anymore?

Yeah it was actually when I moved house the internet was rubbish that kinda put a stop to it cos the internet was rubbish but, I think I can upgrade then that should be fast enough to do it. That was really fun, I was completely selfish as I didn’t archive it tho!

X Factor or The Voice which would you go on, though we do know you did a pop up in Xtra Factor!

I don’t think I’d do either…is that bad? am I allowed to say that? I got loads of Tweets about this guy on The Voice playing the guitar and doing a bit of percussion with it, I haven’t seen him was he any good? I’ll check him out on You Tube.

Sketches, awesome, where does the name come from?

It’s kinda what it is, the album’s going to be called Write It OnYour Skin, so Sketches it like’s kind of just words and that’s what they are like demo’s, there is really nothing done particularly properly on there, everything is kinda chucked together. Write It On Your Skin was recorded in my tiny studio, there was a couple of things I could have done but this was the only one I actually produced, kinda got co producing on a couple of other things, but this is something I hadn’t done before so that was quite fun!

What song are you most proud of?

What on any album? There are lots that I love! Actually it’s all for different reasons. It’s quite hard to pick one that’ yeah I’ve got favourite lyrical bits, favourite chord changes then there’s bits of melody that are all spread out.

Any plans for another DVD?

What was the last one?

The green covered deluxe Handbuilt by Robots…

I haven’t seen that for years, whats on it?

The whole of one of your concerts in London?

Was it any good?

Yeah is was great!

Well we’re doing different packages for the new album, on one there is some live songs that we recorded, we did them in Bournemouth.

Yes new tour announced  and ….no Aberdeen!

Yeah, I’m sorry about that but I’m here now… I will come back I promise!

What’s on your ipod just now on heavy rotation?

Erik Sati, first track I chose ( one of his five desert island discs) is actually really prevalent because when I stop and really stop I do like to really chill out and that does the trick!

Is your brother Toby collaborating on the new album?

Yep it was actually a creative writing team with me, my brother and a guy called Sam Farrer who was the bass player in Phantom Pilots who co produced a lot of the stuff…a three piece rattle’s been awesome!

First concert you went to?

Eagles at Wembley, I saw The Monkees in a village hall shortly afterwards, the bizarre thing is I  don’t know how many of the original members there was though! Then the first gig I went off my own back was Reef at The Astoria…yeah back in the day that was the soundtrack to my childhood really.

Do you still skip before the gigs?

Yep I try to, I’ve actually been really ill with a chest infection and stuff so I’ve focused on getting better as opposed to killing myself! Yeah I still do though.

Any other rituals before you go on?

I’ve got one of those balance boards which is really brilliant, and it’s really weird cos it’s one of the funnest things to have about on the tour cos everyone uses it… if it’s there everyone will stand on it for a bit!

Will you teach your son guitar?

Yeah definitely, he’s got a guitar being built by Nick Benjamin, he offered to build me a free one and I asked him to build me a really tiny one, which he offered to do, it should be ready pretty soon. My son loves when I play, he comes over and hits it and he plays on the piano as well if you sit him in front of it. He definitely had a good time!

House goes on fire… which three things do you save?

Three guitars ( followed by a lot of belly laughing!) well I’d try and put the fire out first!!

Now for the obligatory questions! Favourite crisps?

Salt and Vinegar Snack a Jacks I’m going with that cos they’re so good!

And finally five desert island discs?

NF That is so hard, that’s just five tracks, I’m just going to have to cover as much ground as possible. I have to take Erik Satie what’s it? Gloodieoppoes? (laughs) I can never manage that word (Gymnopedie) it’s Erik Satie it would be on the top of the list of things he has done i’ll take one of those I’ll take which Eric Roche track? Take Deep Deep Down Eric Roche. Mmmmm Blinded me with Science Thomas Dolby, just for fun! This is really hard, I hadn’t really thought about it, he had an amazing voice, most amazing tone of voice, I reckon Tom Waits, maybe Tom Waits I’m Still Here, I can listen to that on repeat all day mmmm something else? it’s fairly well covered  so far! I’m trying to think of another track I can’t live without….maybe Joni Mitchell maybe Clouds…that covers about all of them, that’s enough to keep my brain happy!

Well, we’d best let you get on and get ready… thanks so much for your time Newton and hopefully we’ll see you back in Aberdeen before long.

Well that was certainly enough to keep my brain happy! It was as I suspected as big a pleasure to speak to him off stage as to watch him on! He is a gent and a musical genius..till the next time!
Album Write it on Your Skin out 9th July
Touring Oct ….don’t miss him!

Cronegull and Steph M

Newton Faulkner Website

2 Responses to Newton Faulkner Interview

  1. gillian mellin says:

    excellent interview, more like that please !

    • Great interview where you really get to know that man!! Seems charming to interview and hope he will return to Aberdeen so he can be interviewed in a down to earth manner again ;0)

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