Majestik Interview

Our resident dance maestro Jo-d-locks gets the lowdown on Majestik, the pre-club teaser for the night that lies ahead. DJs Andy Buchan, 2Tone and Kev Reid are in the firing line.

Majestik Flyer

Majestik is the new Saturday house night in the Athenaeum bar on Union Street…. guys tell me a little bit about who you are and what you play?

We have come together to provide people like ourselves with good music that’s not commercial and can be enjoyed before heading to a club. We love to party and have done for years, but we also love to play. We realize that most people who are venturing to underground style nights will likely stay in and then head straight to their club of choice. Therefore to say there is a niche for a venue to provide underground tunes that party goers can enjoy before they head into their club may be an understatement?

Tell us a bit about the new night Majestik and why we should come check it out…

For starters, the night is free.  Therefore it may cost you as little as a drink at the bar to stay and listen to local DJs serving up a mix of house, tech house with a dash of disco! We play freshly released music mixed with classics and all live, whilst you choose either to kick back or get up and get down! As it gets later we like to up the tempo and increase the volume as we throw in tracks with a bit more punch to get you in the mood for the night ahead! As stated on our Facebook page “Majestik could be the most vigorous night warm up in town!?”

What your musical preferences when you were growing up?

Andy – My Roots are in House Music, my first records were Strictly Rhythm and Defected tracks, as time has gone on I have moved towards a more deeper / tech house sound.  I did move away and play more minimal and techno tracks for a few years but my sets typically cover Disco, House and Tech House now.

2Tone – I would say I have been traveling through a variety of genres whilst growing up. I listened to hip hop and rap music in my early teens and gradually started listening to commercial dance music and as I progressed into my later teens I fell in love with Hard House.

Hard House music is what made me purchase turntables and a mixer. As much as I loved hard house as I matured that changed to Techno. However my taste kept developing and my love for house music is very evident in all that I play nowadays.

Kev – Growing up I was heavily influenced by my parents musical choices which was mainly 80’s chart and Motown. However in with that I discovered the likes of New Order and Joy division which happily led me to listen to a variety of electronic music. The natural progression from that was to House music. The thing about house music these days is that so many tracks sample old music. I love the fact that I can still chuck on an old disco album from the late 70’s and find that renowned producers have sampled an element of the track.

What first lured you into DJing?

Kev – My first experiences were getting a shot of my mates Technics 1210’s back in 1997. At that time it was all House and Trance music that was kicking off in Ibiza. Within a few weeks I was progressing quicker than him and the decision was taken to invest in my own turntables. Within a year I had bought his 1210’s off him and was spending all my part-time wages on Vinyl from correction records.

If you could compare yourself to any DJ who would it be and why?

Kev – Not one I noticed myself but a mate said I was like a white Carl Cox behind the desks as I love to dance about. I think it was more a size comparison as opposed to our success and technical ability.

Tell me about your choice of equipment, what do you use?

Andy – Things have moved on a lot from just playing turntables when I started DJing but  Kev and Myself have just made the move to Digital, running Traktor Scratch Pro on a Laptop with time coded CDs. Hardware wise we use 3 x Pioneer CDJ1000’s, a  Pioneer DJM 600 Mixer and a Native Instruments X1 controller for effects and looping.

We opted for this set up so that we are still in control of beat matching our tracks but get all the benefits of having a controller that we can customize to suit our needs with samples, effects and looping.  I think this is a happy medium as there is a lot of debate over Digital DJing with Laptops and I think this gives us the best of both worlds.

2Tone – I love vinyl and therefore still use two technics 1210 turntables. However I have also made the move to digital and run Serato Scratch Live with time coded vinyl records. I feel the ability to utilize MP3s as my music source is the most efficient method these days and being able to combine this with vinyl keeps me enjoying my music they way I started out. Also using vinyl allows me to buy one-off tracks that aren’t available on digital.
Who would be your ideal DJ/Act to warm up for in a club?

Andy – 2000&One – I have been a big fan of both his sets and productions for years.  Playing everything from house to techno in his sets you always get a bit of nostalgia thrown in with the latest dance floor bombs

2Tone – Butch: I think the guy is amazing, liked his production work and then I was lucky enough to see him at Cocoon in Frankfurt this January and his set was fantastic. The label Great Stuff that he is involved in is fantastic and is producing some of my favorite tracks at the moment.

Kev – In the past I have had the chance to warm up for Brandon Block, Alex P, Tall Paul and Judge Jules which were great experiences at the time, however now that my musical tastes have developed id say someone like Luciano, Nick Curly or Joris Voorn.

If you could choose 3 DJ’s for your ultimate club line up who would they be?
1.  2000 & One
2.  Butch
3.  Daft Punk

What would you say is your favourite dance maneuver? Anyone game to demonstrate it on a video clip for the website?

2Tone – being a father I have mastered the dad dance, off of an instructional coffee mug I received as a gift from my better half!

Kev – When drunk I have a habit of dancing on any tables in sight.


The infamous question…do you do requests?

Andy – Someone did sing the lyrics to Butch – No worries to me last year and I felt obliged to play it.  It’s also one of the biggest house tunes of last year so I guess I do, within reason!

2Tone – Not even if my life depended on it

Kev – depends on the request. If its Agadoo then definitely!!!!

Favourite record label?

Andy – Tsuba – This label was launched in early 2006 by Kevin Griffiths. They still release on vinyl as well as online and feature up and coming and established artists such as Sascha Dive, Okain, Federico Molinari, Moodyman, Hector, Dyed Soundorom.  They have a really upbeat house and tech feel to their releases and some of my favourite artists are signed to Tsuba.

2Tone –  Great stuff recordings – loving this label just now think the Tech house they produce is very European sounding! I would describe my sound as quite European so naturally love this label.

Cecille (Italy) – also love this label. A lot of my tracks purchased over the past 12 months are Cecille, really funky sounding tracks. Again a lot are very European sounding (in my opinion).

Kev –  Im loving some real diverse labels at present. Crosstown Rebels run by Damian Lazarus have a release out every second week right now that cross genres so im forever squeezing them into a set. Also really appreciate releases from the following too:
Cecille Records ran by Nick Curly
20:20 Vison ran by Ralph Lawson
Wolf + Lamb Records (Great for the early part of our sets)

Can you recommend a Podcast for the readers to download?

Andy Buchan’s Mainframe Mix [10.2010]

Spencer Parker Podcast on Ibiza Voice

Jay Lumen – Great Stuff Podcast #11 [09.02.2011]

Any dislikes about the music industry today?

Andy – Turning on the radio and hearing the same songs over and over all day every day until the next batch of “top ten” singles is released.

2Tone – talent contest TV shows which allow people a fast route to stardom – stardom being in most cases a one hit wonder! Some artists or groups whom are possibly more talented may go a life time unnoticed by choosing the traditional route of self promotion.

What’s your view on DJ’s selling out to commercial pop tunes?

2Tone – I don’t know what to say to it really. Some times I think there is logic behind it and other times I see it as selling out. Touchy subject among the underground music community that’s for sure.

Kev – I personally have no issue with it as at the end of the day, if your music can be appreciated by a wider audience and you can be successful in a monetary way with it then I say go for it. I really like what Eric Prydz does, although I read in an interview that he does get a lot of pressure from his management/Agent to release the odd commercial tune. He stood quite firm on the fact that his underground hit “Pjanoo” did not get a commercial vocal put over the top and the track was probably still the biggest selling commercial dance track in the last few years. It’s great how he can still slip back into the underground scene though with his Cirez D and Pryda guises.

Are there any cliché’s with DJing that you dislike?

That you play requests!

Top 5 websites?

1.  beatport
2. ibiza voice
3. juno
4. soundcloud
5. resident advisor

Favourite drink at the bar?

Andy – Havanna & Coke

2Tone – Innis and Gunn

Kev – Peroni/ Red Stripe followed by several Jack Daniels and Cokes

Are there any DJ’s coming up in Aberdeen that you think is worth going to?

Joris Voorn ( Pre Party in Athenaeum with Majestik Residents)

Simon Baker

Where can we listen to mixes and keep updated with news?

Our Facebook Page is the best place to get info about whats happening and our latest promo mixes.

I am asking each person to give me interviews question for my next victim what would you like to ask?

Kev – Pink or Brown?

Hooker B would like to ask…”Why not book Hooker Barbie for a gig sometime?”

Kev – Depends on her answer to the above question?

Finally, favourite flavour of crisps?

Andy – Worcester Sauce

2Tone – Doritos (Cool Original)

Kev – Salt and Vinegar Snackajacks

What are your 5 desert island tracks?

1. Ubu – Pixels (Guy Gerber Rmx)
2. Monne Automne – Teco (Pink Elln vs. Pier Bucci Remix)
3. Mauro Picotto – Go (Lauhaus Rmx)
4. Solar Stone – (V-One’s “Living Cities” Remix)
5.     Lauhaus – Casual Friday (Nick Curly Rmx)

1. The Bucketheads, Kenny Dope – The Bomb
2. The Specials – Gangsters
3. Butch – No Worries
4. Madness – Deceives the eye
5. Mark Knight, Funkagenda – Man with the Red Face


1. The Doors – LA Woman
2. Stevie Wonder – For Once in my Life
3. Peter Heller – Big Love
4. Massive Attack – Teardrops
5. Three Drives – Greece 2000

Thanks boys, see ya on Saturday! x


Majestik Flyer

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