LightGuides Interview

Justboy57 ticks another one of his favourite Scottish unsigned bands off his interview list as Glasgow three piece LightGuides step into the firing line. Think, The Chuckle Brothers, Hawaiian beaches and Cheryl Cole. Perhaps even a combination of all three at the same time. Here’s what drummer Dave Cowan had to say on this crazy situation…


How are things with LightGuides Dave? Everything swell?

Ahoy flares n seagulls! Things are great with us, how are you?

All fine and dandy here mate… I first came across you guys when you were called WeHungYourLeader. Why the name change?

We had been WeHungYourLeader for quite a long time, and it’s a name we all still love, but we just felt it was time for a change. Freshen things up a bit.

LightGuides was the name of a track we recorded years ago so it felt natural to change the name to something which was significant to us.

How has 2010 been so far? Did you enjoy the copious amounts of snow we had?

The snow was AWESOME! 2010 so far has been really good, in previous years we’ve had to hold back a bit while we concentrated on graduating uni, whereas this year we can focus purely on being as busy and productive band-wise as we can, and so far it’s been amazing.

You supported Twin Atlantic at the all dancing, all singing, all disco globe-ing ABC in Glasgow. How was it? Did you turn it up to 11?

We had an absolute blast playing with Twin at the ABC, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences we’ve had as a band. I think we played well and got a really good reception which was amazing. We can’t thank the Twin boys enough for having us.

You have recently released your new EP called, “Past and Present”, which features four songs written as WeHungYourLeader and four written as LightGuides. Which set do you prefer?

We’re really enjoying the songs written as LightGuides as they’re a bit newer and we’ve played them less, but the WeHungYourLeader songs are still an integral part of our set and we love playing them, so I’m not really sure. Tough question! Let’s go with the new set.

Midget Gems is an absolute belter. I actually can’t stop listening to it. Where was it recorded?

Cheers! The LightGuides E.P was produced by Chris Gordon (ex Union Of Knives). We recorded drums at Chem19 Studios, which was awesome as we’re big fans of Mogwai who have recorded there, and then guitar and vocals were recorded back at Chris’s house. We had a great time with Chris and have just booked in with him to do a single in July.

Any other summer plans that you would like to share with the Flares n Seagulls readers? Any festival appearances you can announce?

As aforementioned we have a single coming out in July, with plans to tour the country to promote it, so will hopefully be up in the beautiful Granite City late July. We’re also heading down to London to play for the first time in June which should be sweet. So far we’re booked to play the Edinburgh festival and a festival in Kiddiemuir, and we are patiently waiting to hear back from T in the Park, so fingers crossed!

Where’d you like to headline… Glasto or T?

100% T in the Park. Glastonbury looks like a great festival, but I think it’s almost every Scottish band’s dream to headline T in the Park.

You played up here in Aberdeen with Luke Leighfield in December last year. How did you find playing in the Granite City?

We loved it, The Tunnels is an amazing venue and there was a great line up, Cast of the Capital and Marionettes played too who are two great local bands. Plus we got to party hard with some friends who live up there. It was the first time we had a donner kebab with garlic mayo, and it was a revelation.

So many great bands are coming out of Scotland just now, especially south in Glasgow and the surrounding area. Why do you think this is? Do you welcome the competition? …or are there maybe just too many artists chasing the same spots and recording deals?

I think with there being a bunch of great bands coming out of Scotland over the past couple of years, it created a snowball effect. Bands are being forced to push themselves harder in their attempt to stand out from everyone else, and this is definitely a good thing. The majority of music we listen to is by unsigned Scottish bands, which I think is testament to how important the local music scene is. Healthy competition is a good thing, the more bands getting recognition and success from Scotland the more the music industry sits up and takes notice.

The Mitchell Brothers. The Klitschko Brothers. The Jonas Brothers. Who’d win in a scrap between Mark and David?

Me. Definitely. Mark’s a little bitch.

Serious face back on. How is being in a band with family members? Is there actually any sibbling rivalry?

It works well because we can speak to each other pretty honestly and we respect each other’s opinion, but the three of us have known each other so long that it’s exactly the same with Martin. He is our brother from another mother.

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given when it comes to being in a band?

To always enjoy what you’re doing. if you’re playing a gig and there’s only 10 people watching you, look at the positive aspects, there’s 10 people in the room which you have the opportunity to convert into fans.

Where would you like to see LightGuides in a years time?

Lying on a beach in Hawaii celebrating our quadruple-platinum album, which featured guest vocals by Cheryl Cole and Justin Beiber. Everything they touch turns to gold! In all seriousness we’d be ecstatic to get the opportunity to be playing to new people in new cities every other night, getting our music heard as widespread as possible and hopefully building a fun-lovin’ fanbase.

Top five desert island tracks?

1. Four Year Strong – Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)

2. Unwinding Hours – Knut

3. Lions. Chase. Tigers. – To the Glory of God

4. The Starting Line – Three’s a Charm

5. Make Sparks – Light in the Sky

If each band member was a tv soap star who’d be who?

Mark and Martin – Paul and Barry (The Chuckle brothers)

Dave – Fonzie

How do you listen mostly to music these days? mp3 player or…?

We’ve each been sucked into the juicy Apple product which is the iPhone, so mostly through that, and Spotify is great. I still think the ‘dying but not quite dead’ myspace is great for finding new bands, it’s spirally popularity is a bit gutting, I’m definitely holding out for a myspace revival.

And finally….your favourite flavour of crisps?


Thanks for your time Dave and hopefully we’ll see you back in Aberdeen soon.   Just Boy57

LightGuides MySpace


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