Crash Club Interview

Saturday, 9th April brings Episode #6 to Downstairs, in Aberdeen. Crash Club will be headlining and so we thought we’d have a few words with them before the day. Also playing on the night will be The Strange Blue Dreams and Tribal High.

So, tell us a bit about Crash Club… 

We’re a Dance-Rock act from Kilwinning in Ayrshire, but based out of Glasgow, the sets are no stop beats from start to finish, so you would see us out of place in dance venue like the sub club etc.

How long have you been playing together?
Playing live for 5 years, but for the first 3 we probably only had about 15-20 mins worth of stuff, all without vocals, Colin came on board to play drums after Calum joined Nevada Base and thing started to become busier for us randomly and it’s been no looking back since.

What do you have against singers?
what does any dance band have against singers? Chemical Brothers use guests, so do Leftfield, Orbital, Soulwax and Justice, this is where people go wrong I think. Bands are expected to have singers, because that’s what rock n roll bands do. We take a lot of influences from the dance world, this being one of them. Which also mean we’re lucky enough to work with people that have completely different styles and add different dynamics to each track.

The tour kicked off at Stereo last week, how did it go?
Yeah, brilliant, gig sold out on the night, the lighting show was to point and people seemed to come away from it really happy. Was a good week all in actually.

Who are your main influences, obvious or otherwise?
Soulwax, Chemical Brothers, Jagwar Ma, The Music, Primal Scream (from Evil Heat and anything before hand), Justice, Lcd Soundsystem, Gusgus and Leftfield to name a few.

What do you find the biggest challenge of being in a band? Or, what pisses you off the most?
Being honest, not a lot pisses us off, we’re a relaxed band that just enjoying what we do. Biggest challenge of being in our band tho’ would probably be finding time to actually gig while still finding time to go write new music, and then get it recorded. There’s only so much time in the day and as an unsigned band you need to keep playing live so you keep in people minds, but you have to keep your set fresh. Which is even harder as an electro act.

If you could make one thing easier for relatively small, yet progressive bands, what would it be?
For me, I personally found it difficult when we were first starting out to figure out what we should be doing, like so many decisions could have turned out good or bad, think especially if its a first time band, more people to actually get advice off of about tickets deals, how to P.R., how to get maximum reach on social media etc. would be really handy. Even if you didn’t agree with it all, you’re always learning.

Can you put into words just how damn happy you are to be playing Episode #6 this Saturday?
Really f*ckin excited to be heading up actually, personally I’ve never been in Aberdeen either, which at 29 years of ages is outrageous. Really like the look of the venue and its been a long time coming playing for yourself, been talking about it for a while so very excited.

I noticed you’ve just been won a competition to play the Isle of Wight festival, how did that come about and what was the final like?
We actually came second, which still meant a slot at Isle of Wight, so happy days. We did a full on Dance set, no vocals and people just get it as well.

And for the rest of 2016, are there albums, EPs, festival appearances, world tours etc on the horizon?
We’ve got our first EP coming out May 27th which is entitled CC.101 we already previewed it with the video for Pennydrop. Festival wise the only one we can say right now is Isle of Wight the rest haven’t been announced, but keep an eye out.

Any ambitions as a band, sensible or otherwise?
Just to keep writing music we dig, as long as we’re enjoying it – that’s all we can ask for.

Your favourite music festivals, to play or attend?
I do love Tenement Trail every year, It just turns wild. Every year without fail. Great bands, great people and great party.

If each band member was a film or tv show character who would they be?
Would have to be something Scottish since no one understands my accent – probably  be Still Game, ha!

Three bands you’d love to share a stage with?
Any band that inspires us to write music to be honest, that might be Jagwar Ma, or that could be Medicine Men or Tijuana Bibles. We’re lucky enough we do that quite a bit within the Glasgow scene.

I think the current Scottish music scene is as strong as it has been for a few years, your thoughts on that?
I actually think its the strongest it’s been! I was always at gigs etc. back 9 years ago or however long it is now when Capitol was the centre of the Scottish gig world. The Draymin, Ray Summers, Figure 5, The Ronelles the list goes on. But I think right now, ratio wise, their might be as many bands or venues, but the bands are better and more creative in how they sound just now.

Which bands from your manor should we keeping an eye out for? And acts from outwith your region?
Bands from the west coast, Medicine Men, Mickey 9’s, Tijuana Bibles, Tragic O’Hara, Be Charlotte, Other Humans. Girobabies, The Northern, Tribal High Roman Nose, Van T’s, Bellybuttons, Mark McGowan
From elsewhere, Insomniac Project, Domiciles, Sahara, Our Future Glory.

Your five (or one from each band member maybe?) desert island tracks?
Primal Scream – Swastika Eyes
Jagwar Ma – Come and Save Me
Happy Mondays – WFL (think about the future remix)
Poolside – Harvest Moon (Neil Young cover)
The Charlatans – Let the Good Times Be Never Ending

Many thanks for your time and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Still Burning.

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