Frightened Rabbit Interview

JustBoy57 kicks off his 2011 contributions interviewing Scott Hutchison from Frightened Rabbit who is playing an acoustic set at the Dirty Heart’s Club’s Fifth Birthday Party on Thursday night.

Frightened Rabbit

Good day Scott, How are you?

I am doing fine, thanks.

I trust you had an enjoyable festive period? Was it good to be home?

It was a great Christmas.  We’ve been playing on New Years Eve for 2 years in a row now so it was a joy to have it completely free of any concert nonsense.

Any New Year’s Resolutions?

Nope. I’d never stick to them anyway.  Though I have been eating less since 2011 started.

You find yourself making an unexpected trip up to Aberdeen on the 27th Jan for a wee birthday bash at the Dirty Hearts Club at Snafu. You looking forward to another trip up to the Granite City? What can we expect to hear on the night?

Dirty Hearts Club has a special place in FR’s history, Steven has been getting us up the road to play at Snafu for a few years now and it’s great to come back and play the birthday bash.  I hope there’s cake. At the solo shows I usually just take song requests from the audience instead of having a setlist.  Might chuck in a cheeky cover too.

Can you clarify for a mate of mine… why did you choose the name (Frightened Rabbit), and where do FR take inspiration for their songs and music from?

The name was an old nickname I had.  It refers to my lack of social interaction skills as a child.  I take inspiration from any old tune – I certainly don’t consider myself a snob.  Robyn is a firm favourite within the band right now.

Do you enjoy stripping back your songs to just you and an acoustic? What do you prefer, band or on your ownio?

Each have their own merits – you can cut loose a bit more in the smaller venues without the band.  You get to chat away a bit more without the band there behind you, looking like a set of spare pricks (I do hope they read this).

I was at the Barrowlands in December and it was most definitely one of my favourite gigs of 2010! Did you expect that sort of crowd reaction? Even selling out the Barra’s two nights in the same week is quite some feat!

It was really hard to actually come to terms with.  It’s a dream of any Scottish band to play the Barras, and to sell out 2 nights there was utterly insane.  We knew the crowd would be good, but they really surpassed all expectations.  I still can’t believe it actually happened…

I read Grant’s blog on Under the Radar and he suggested that you might be doing a special one-off something for those who didn’t make the Barras because of the snow. Can you shed some more light on this?

I’d love to give more details, but the plans are still being cooked up.  I think it’s important that we do something to compensate those who were snowed in, we just don’t know where or when or how just yet.  But they should definitely hold on to those un-ripped tickets.

You had a busy year in 2010, touring Europe and America, playing a number of festivals and releasing album number 3. How do you plan to top that in 2011? Is there extra pressure due to the success of last year?

This year will be mostly spend hiding away, writing new material and recording album #4.  I’m not really interested in taking huge chucks of time off.  I’ve got a solo tour of the US coming up next month too.  It’ll be a busy year, but in a different way to 2010.

Of course 2011 will see you hopefully release album number 4 on your new label Atlantic Records. Could you tell us a bit about the change from FatCat to Atlantic and the reasons behind doing so?

Our contract with Fatcat had come to an end and, as anyone would, we started to assess our options.  It felt like the right time to move and Atlantic are absolutely the right label for us at this point in our career.  They have a fantastic team of people working there and such a wealth of experience in the office.

Can you tell us anything about album number 4? Change of direction? New Sound? New members? Album name? We’re desperate!

It’s sounding so much more stripped back at this point, and I’d like to keep it that way.  I went a bit overboard with the last record, kinda threw the kitchen sink at it.  This one will sound a bit more like a band, just playing in a room. No new members, no names just yet.  We are still right at the beginning of the whole process.

You have played with some great new Scottish bands over the last couple of years; The Phantom Band, We Were Promised Jetpacks and Admiral Fallow to name but a few. Anyone out there currently tickling your fancy that the FnS readers should have on their radar?

There’s a guy from Edinburgh called Withered Hand.  He’s going to be making plenty of wonderful waves in the UK and the US this year.  His album ‘Good News’ is brilliant.

Burn’s Night is upon us next week; will you be celebrating with a few drams and some haggis, neeps and tatties?

Aye, I should hope so.  I need an excuse to get a new bottle of whisky in the house.

Your five desert island tracks?

Wilco – Poor Places
The Band – Jawbone
Brendan Benson – Tiny Spark
The Twilight Sad – Walking For 2 Hours
Lykke Li – Tonight

Anything else you would like to add?

See you on Thursday!

And finally….your favourite flavour of crisps?

Scampi Fries.

Thanks Scott, and see you on Thursday night!

Frightened Rabbit MySpace

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