Fake Major Interview

I was lucky enough to be able to grab Richard and David for a quick interview after their fantastic set in the Solus tent at this years Wickerman Festival. The salubrious setting for our interview was the grass just outside the Solus tent as I troubled the guys for 10 minutes of their time.

So guys, you are just off stage, so other than meltingly hot, how did that feel?

Richard – Actually sounded great, and I never think that about our gigs!

David – More than pleased, pleased plus! Was excellent every time I looked up there were more and more people in the tent, and we spotted someone Richard used to live with!

So describe your sound, and introduce Fake Major.

David – we are a versatile 2/4 or 5 piece band depending on requirements, but really we are a 4 armed singer-songwriter. We write all our material together, and its with both voices in mind, and knowing how they work together.

What are your influences?

Pretty much any interesting pop music, great Scottish bands, and also bands like Frightened Rabbit, Simon and Garfunkel and The Beach Boys, pretty much anything with a good melody and interesting sound.

So headlining your own gigs, or festivals, which do you guys prefer?

Definitely own gigs – we often go out just as the 2 piece to practice songs, hone them and perfect them, before bringing them to the rest of the group. But festivals are fun too.

So what are the future plans for Fake Major?

We are planning an EP for oct/nov and an album for the start of 2014.

After here, and King Tuts, we are going to take a short creative break where we go and write and perfect some new material. We take it back to the two of us, a guitar and just keep going until we get it sounding how we want. There is something pure about stripping it back like that, and working on a song.

Have you guys caught any other bands? What have you enjoyed?

Giant Fang were “probably brilliant” although we only caught the last 3 chords of the last song in their set! Admiral Fallow and Blood Relatives are also pretty good.

And the final question before I let you guys go and cool off and chill out after such a good set… its a biggy… so what flavour of crisps?

Now asking this, I thought I’d touched some kind of raw nerve, and was about to get a whole rant when the boys knowingly laughed… and then Richard explains, that in the very unlikely event of him ever running for government, one of his essential policies will be the unification and standardisation of crisp packet colours to save disappointment when you expect one flavour and get another due to different companies using different colours!

But saying that, Richard says Thai Sweet Chilli, and David says a dairy milk as he’s not a crisp fan!

All through the interview the guys were being approached by people who had caught the set who just wanted to say how great it was, and how much they had loved it, and both David and Richard were very apologetic about being interrupted! Really shows the calibre of these guys that the recognition is not going to their heads, as they stay grounded and appreciative of the people who go listen to them.

Grab the EP – “Have Plenty of Fun” and give your ears a treat!

Pierced Princess.

Fake Major Website

Fake Major on Tenement TV

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