Esperanza Interview

Coming to Aberdeen, in just over a week, is Episode #5, featuring today’s interviewees, Esperanza, Pariah Soul and The Capollos.


So, tell us a bit about yourselves… who you are, where you come from and how did you get your band name?
We are a 9 piece ska band from Glasgow (although we will only have 8 band members for this gig, as our trombone player can’t make it). Esperanza means hope in Spanish.

How long have you been playing together?
Too long!

Who are your main influences, obvious or otherwise?
The Specials; The Clash; Madness; Bad Manners; The Beat; The Selecter

What do you find the biggest challenge of being in a band? Or, what pisses you off the most?
Trying to get everyone together at the one time and trying to get everyone to respond to emails!

If you could make one thing easier for relatively small, yet progressive bands, what would it be?
To get more coverage/recognition from the music industry. Too many manufactured acts around.

Can you put into words just how damn happy you are to be playing Episode #5 on Saturday 12th March?
Over the moon.

And for the rest of 2016, are there albums, EPs, festival appearances, world tours etc on the horizon?
We have just released our 2nd album (Back On Hope Street) and are playing at several festivals up & down the UK.

Any ambitions as a band, sensible or otherwise?
To support Madness.


Your favourite music festivals, to play or attend?
Normally Wickerman, but it isn’t on this year.

If each band member was a film or tv show character who would they be?
Snow White; Prince Charming; Grumpy; Happy; Sleepy; Sneezy; Doc; Dopey; Bashful

Three bands you’d love to share a stage with?
Madness, The Specials, Los Skarnales.

Vinyl, cd or download?
All 3!

I think the current Scottish music scene is as strong as it has been for a few years, your thoughts on that?
Certainly is. So many live gigs & festivals have meant more exposure for a lot of bands, which is great.

Which bands from your manor should we keeping an eye out for? And acts from outwith your region?
The Amphetameanies; Bombskare; Big Fat Panda

Your five (or one from each band member maybe?) desert island tracks?
Nolan Porter – If I Could Only Be Sure
Madness – How Can I Tell You
New Model Army – Living In The Rose
New Order – Your Silent Face
Aztec Camera – Reasons For Living

Your favourite flavour of crisps?
Salt & vinegar.

Catch Esperanza at Downstairs, Aberdeen on 12th March. You can find them on Facebook or on Reverbnation.