Bloodlines Interview

Next up in our Episode #4 band interviews is Bloodlines.


So, tell us a bit about yourselves… who you are, where you come from and how did you get your band name?
“We are a Glasgow based band called Bloodlines, 50% of us are from Fort William and the others are from Ayr and Inverness. We got our band name after months of debate, multiple powerpoint presentations and through thorough market research and development. In our current line up we have only been performing together for 10 months but the band has been bubbling away in a variety of other concoctions since the mid 00’s.”

Who are your main influences, obvious or otherwise?
“Between us we have very diverse tastes… we draw influence from bands such as Foals, RATM, Biffy Clyro, RHCP, Pulled Apart By Horses, Computers, Drug Culture, Tiger Woods. Our bassist is a huge Iggy Azalea fan and our lead singer voices his major influences on his “Top of the Plops” podcast enjoyed by listeners all over… Kinning Park.”

If you could make one thing easier for relatively small, yet progressive bands, what would it be?
“Genuinely decent performance opportunities to expand your audience… gigs being promoted properly and ran professionally without screwing over the bands.”

Can you put into words just how damn happy you are to be playing Episode #4 on Saturday?
“We all came simultaneously upon being invited to perform at Episode #4.”


And for the rest of 2016, are there albums, EPs, festival appearances, world tours etc on the horizon?
“We plan to be releasing fresh material over the coming months, some of which was previewed to a very warm reception at our King Tut’s Headline show last month. We will definitely be in the studio, recording fresh music later this year. Keep your ears peeled.”

“Why would you say that?” “What?” “ ‘Keep your ears peeled.’ You sound like a fuckin’ wank mate!” “I suppose potatoes are for pealing and ears are for listening, HA!” “Seriously?! Shut it ya knob!”

Any ambitions as a band, sensible or otherwise?
“We are extremely keen to venture further afield this year, at least south of the border and hopefully beyond. We are in the process of making friends in Europe in order to take our music on to the continent. If there are any wealthy sexually curious philanthropists of any age gender or orientation Andy is your man.”

Your favourite music festivals, to play or attend?
“Belladrum is definitely our favourite Scottish festival to have both played and attended. The distinct lack of bams gives the festival a character which is far more favourable to that of other UK majors. We were lucky enough to survive Bute-fest last year after the first aid tent blew away in a gail and are genuinely hoping to be invited to perform at this years event as it was a blast. We’d love to have the opportunity to play some festivals abroad I think that will be one of our primary goals for 2017.”

If each band member was a film or tv show character who would they be?
“Scooby Doo and Co. Jamie Allanach is Fred: Handsome, charming, big shoulders, but a bit of an idiot. Jamie Coltart: Velma: The brains, holds the whole thing together. Steve: Scooby: why not. Andrew MacGillivray: Shaggy. And Daphne is a figment of our collective imagination.”


Three bands you’d love to share a stage with?
“Fat Goth, Watchfires and Lionel Richie.”

Vinyl, cd or download?
“They’re all great… Vinyls are great to fire on when you’re at home and know exactly what you want to listen to, CD’s are great for road trips, and downloads are great for discovering new music and listening to when you’re on foot… they all have their purpose and place.”

I think the current Scottish music scene is as strong as it has been for a few years, your thoughts on that?
“There are definitely a huge number of great bands coming through but it is tough… not just in terms of competition but you have to network. It’s all about who you know in this game. There are so many brilliant artists that are no more simply because they weren’t in the right place at the right time or just weren’t put in touch with the right people.”

Huxtable from Kilmarnock are fantastic live the guitarist is a riff factory… really energetic and exciting to listen to. Donnie Willow are a great band… they sound like a mix of the first three Biffy albums.

Your five desert island tracks?
“Give It All – Rise against, Hermaphrofight – Biffy Clyro, Spanish Sahara – Foals, Agadoo – Black Lace, A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton.”

And finally, your favourite flavour of crisps?
“Tesco’s Salt And Cider Vinegar, any crisps that were previously affectionately known as 10p crisps.”

Thanks for your time guys, and we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday. You can find Bloodlines on Facebook and on their website.

Episode #4 - Downstairs, Aberdeen