Death O’Connor Interview

We kick-off the week at FnS by bringing you the interview debut of Jay-Sno as he gets the lowdown on potential cult figure/band Death O’Connor.

Death O'Connor

Death O’Connor are a crazy experimental band based in Melbourne, Australia who play music that ranges from noise to electro to pop in a very comical fashion, their new demos including the songs Hey Mullet Man! and Paedo Pants which were recently unveiled on MySpace. Intro over and here it is…

Hi Death! or is it Mr O’Connor? How are you?!

I’m fine thank you, I’m currently away from home in Tasmania where I’ve seen a ton of dead Tassie Devils! I’ll be heading back to Melbourne tomorrow morning.

Now I understand you’re not originally from Australia though are you?

Due to protecting my identity and the personal safety of other members of the band I can only disclose that I’m from Elgin and when I lived in Aberdeen it was then that the project Death O’Connor was born, oh and I’m a Dons fan of course!

What bands did you like from the ‘deen?

Off the top of my head I thought Downfall were always solid live and The Upstarts were fun, there was also a band called A Gayboy Scene who just sucked and didn’t care – they were great! As for Scotland I love Atom Gevitter, The Murderburgers and Northern Ireland’s The Dangerfields deserve a mention… we covered their song Bear Mountain Road for our MySpace.

So is Death O’Connor the person or the band and how did it all come about?

Well, it’s a band and my own moniker and came from a mispronunciation of the name of a certain personality, I’m an avid collector of his records; you would not believe how many of them I’ve come across during the past few years in Australia! It started out as an art school project concerned with noise and audio illusions and then over a year ago now become an actual band.

So who’s actually in the band? Your MySpace page states something like 10 members, your website has around 20 names and I read in another interview even more.

As a core there’s probably 5 or 6 of us including myself, Honey Bee who does keyboards and some programming, W**k Williams who sings, Bell-end Lugosi plays bass, C**twoman is my main girl and Butch Dingo is a general sh*t stirrer but it is my baby and I come up with a lot of it but it’s cool to collaborate.

I am Death O'Connor!

Your songs have a lot of stupid topics like mullets, paedo pants and morbidly obtuse and then there are others that seem serious like Little Girl. What approach do you take towards songwriting and why are the songs so varied?

Well we’re pretty serious about stupidity, I have a personal ethos against musicians taking themselves too seriously and getting lost in the other bullshit around them. I take very little personal interest in bands that go through the motions. I like music that is exciting, engaging and gets a reaction – that is the most important thing. I don’t care if people call my music shit as a reaction is all I want and if I took life seriously I’d probably kill myself, what’s the point?

I couldn’t agree more! Who are your influences?

Honestly and without any ego intended I don’t take many from the genre I play, I’m not an avid listener of electronic or noise music at all but I’m beginning to appreciate it and I love learning about new things. Every time I demo a new song to our singer he comes up with 10 bands it sounds like and I’m just like “I have no idea who you’re talking about!”.

No influences at all!?

Okay, I’ll go for LHOOQ, Back of the Y and Chamberlain Yes.

What’s coming up for Death O’Connor in the near future then?

We’re polishing up out newest set and playing around with some technology, I’m pretty interested in broadcasting our shows online which would be cool. We’re working on our new album too!

Can you tell us anything about the album?

Hmmmm, any release date is up in the air right now but it could either happen next month or next year, I’m very erratic in that sense like in the case of our first album which was probably planned and released on CDR in a week. We did a bunch of copies and made it free online, we’ll probably do something online too once we get our presence up a bit more.

What about the difference between Scottish and Australian audiences and clubs, does one beat the other?

I can’t compare because the genre of music I played in each country is totally different, you get good gigs and bad gigs everywhere but some of the shows I played in Scotland were amazing. Melbourne is an incredibly vibrant place and has a buzz about it, going back on that influences point I’d reckon Melbourne has been a massive influence on my work.

Five desert island tracks?
Oh, a tough one! I guess I’d have to go with:

Mr Blobby Theme
$1000 Wedding – Gram Parsons
Funky Man – Dee Dee King
Smoking Doesn’t Kill – Rectal Examination

Favourite flavour of crisps?


Any last words?

Yes, can someone please send a king rib supper to Po Box 549, Prahran, VIC 3181, Australia… naked photos of girls too would be awesome!

Thanks for the interview Death, and remember to let us know when there are DOC videos and suchlike online!


Death O’Connor Website

Death O’Connor MySpace

Death O'Connor

2 Responses to Death O’Connor Interview

  1. BD says:

    Great interview, been following these guys for a while! Can’t wait to see them in the UK!

  2. Mickey Looney says:

    Sound like a bunch of tossers to me. As long as there’s no nudity, though, I’ll chance one of their shows…

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