Curvature Interview

Pierced Princess interviews Curvature and adds her review of their EP. Bravo!


So, describe Curvature to someone who has never heard of you before… (and introduce yourselves… who are the band?)  Curvature are a 5 piece female fronted gothic metal band not like most bands of this genera we have thundering bass lines, blisteringly fast drums, metal guitar riffs that will melt your face and bleepy gothy poppy keyboards tied together with massive female vocals. We try to be a little different while trying to stay with in the bounds of our chosen genera. Curvature are Tylean Polly – Vocals Matte Black – Keyboards/ samples Dave Summers – Bass Michael Czubaj – Drums Matt Jones – Guitar

What influences you musically? (Matte Black) One of the things that really keeps Curvature interesting is that we all come from very different backgrounds. Mine is in classical piano, synth-pop, industrial and trad-goth, while Michal brings his love of death metal bands like Dimmu Borgir, and Tylean has a sideline in a more singer-songwriter vein.  What really unites us is that we all love to play fast and loud and we’re never afraid to experiment.

What song do you wish you had written…? Matt Jones – hhhhhmmm so many out there it would have to be son of the sun by Therion OR crazy train by Ozzy and Randy Rhoads Dave Shifty Summers – November Rain By G’n’R – such an Epic Tune! (I agree, this would be my choice too, PP) Matte Black – I’m a big softie, and I’d love to have written “Heart Attack in a Laybye” by Porcupine Tree. What, me, morbid? Tylean Polly – Happy Birthday

Do you all get together to write, or is one of you the main writer? Generally speaking a song is born while we’re jamming and then we’ll take it away and bring revisions to it and build it up over a couple of sessions.

Its summertime, you have your choice of festivals – where is your dream headline? Matt Jones .. I would love to headline download or bloodstock just a sea of faces all head banging and moving in unison to the music I’m creating that would be just simply awesome! Dave Shifty Summers – Download, Gotta be! Matte Black – Playing Wacken would be immense, but it’s always tempting to think that we might magically gain enough of a following to play Download or one of the bigger, less metal-oriented festivals. I think the metal festivals in the UK in recent years have really concentrated on the aggressive, noisy death-metal bands, and the less macho genres have been overlooked. Doing a tour of the European festival circuit would be a dream come true. Tylean Polly – I don’t give a rat’s ass…. So long as it is in an air-conditioned venue.

What would your ultimate collaboration be? Matt Jones – It’d have to be Toyah Wilcox I’ve had a thing for her since I was a young lad also I’d quite like to work with the guys from nightwish that’ll probably generate a few groans from my band mates but they’re bloody good musicians. Dave Shifty Summers – the san franscisco orchestra Tylean Polly – Bjork

Is downloading the saviour of the music industry, making music more accessible, or does it have a negative effect? Matte Black – Traditional record companies operate on the principle whereby a few successful artists bankroll a number of less successful acts, and everyone gets a slice of the pie, and takes some of the risk. The fact that selling downloadable music is essentially risk-free means that the money that once went to the record company, which would pick and choose who to support, now goes to faceless corporate giants like Amazon and Apple, who really don’t care what gets sold as long as they get their 30% cut off the top, and they provide no added value to the bands. It’s ceased to be a problem of distribution – it’s great that we don’t have to drive up and down the country punting our CD to independent stores – but it’s become a problem of marketing, how to differentiate ourselves from the hundreds of thousands of other bands doing exactly what we’re doing.

Do people miss out on “random” finds through the death of record shops? Tylean Polly – Yes. There is too much available at one’s fingertips online, and it’s very easily to get distracted. The record shop environment enabled dedicated music browsing without distractions. Matt Jones – Oh hell yea defiantly I remember going through cd’s and tapes in independent record shops going “oooo this looks good” and buying it just because the way the cover looked. Some where crap but some were proper good!

Where in Scotland would your dream gig be? Matt Jones – um I’d like to play the Wickerman festival but only if we get to burn a wicker man with Simon Cowell in it lol. Matte Black – I reckon we’d go down well at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, with a full orchestra backing us! Failing that, I remember a Frankenstein-themed venue some time ago in Edinburgh – anything like that still going? Dave Shifty Summers – In a castle – that would be awesome! Tylean Polly – Shetland during Up Helly Aa

You guys have just found a new singer… how is that working out for you? Matte Black – Tylean has been a breath of fresh air, and the change in our sound has been dramatic in many ways, bringing in a much more emotional element and giving us some grit. Her focus on getting up to speed has been amazing, and it’s been great to have a true professional with years of experience working with us. She’s also brought some really new ideas to the band – one of our new songs is now in Spanish, and we’re planning a lot of theatricality to accompany the music when we head out on the road again. Dave Shifty Summers – She sings, and bakes cookies, what more do you need? 🙂

TV shows like (dare I say the name) X-Factor and that ilk – the way forward for finding new musical talent, or more processed pop? Matte Black – Talent shows are really nothing to do with what we do – there has always been a huge market for pretty boys and girls singing inoffensive ditties that people’s mums like, and that’s never affected the metal scene. Many people forget that these shows are not about music, in the same way that The Apprentice isn’t actually about business – they’re entertainment, pure and simple, huge money-spinners for the broadcasters, but ultimately all about television viewers, not about record buyers.

Dave Shifty Summers – Shows like that are not finding musical talent, they are finding people who want to be famous, there is a difference.

Tylean – Processed poop, is more like it!

5 desert Island tracks

Matte Black – My personal five would be…. Bite of God by Die Form, Weltfunk by VNV Nation, Integral by the Pet Shop Boys, the first half of Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield, and something quite random, like Resurrection by Erection by Powerwolf!

Dave Shifty Summers – Silver by Machine Head, The Drugs Aren’t Getting It Done by Jace Everett, Breathe by Breaking Benjamin, Heavens a Lie by Lacuna Coil, and November Rain by G’n’R

Matt Jones – Dessert of set by Therion, Balrog boogie by Diablo swing ocestra, Children of the grave by Black Sabbath, Beathovens 5th concerto, and El paso by Marty Robbins as my granddad used to sing it to me when i was a kid “out in the west texas town of El paso, i fell in love with a wicked young girl”

Tour bus – what do you listen to? Matt Jones – I usually end up listen to the sat nav I I’m either driving or navigating or I’m listening to the banter from the back seats which usually consists of bum sex, food and musical instruments Tylean Polly – I don’t, I read. Dave Shifty Summers – Porn!

Worst and best bits so far? Matt Jones – defiantly losing our original singer was the worst best bit hhhmmm there’ has been so many great moments I think for me getting through to the final of metal to the masses final in London was awesome playing at the underworld, you just think how many great band there are in London and the surrounding area and WE got through!!

Dave Shifty Summers – worst – our old singer leaving – a real set back, best – being in a band is like family, you always have someone to support you.

Any embarrassing moments? Matt Jones – hhhhmmmm running up n down the M6 when stuck in a snowed in traffic jam giving out our cards to pretty girls oh and doing snow angels on the hard shoulder. Yea that was all me!! I might have been topless as well!! It didn’t help our driver/roady kept egging me on! (verified by said roadie, who really is a bad influence 😉 PP) Matte Black – Considering how often we wear kilts and skirts on stage, it’s probably a minor miracle we’ve never had a wardrobe malfunction! Though I did have a girl recently who was just a little too curious about what I had under my kilt… Dave Shifty Summers – well there was this fish, a milk bottle and a goat…

The ultimate fantasy gig – and 5 famous fans come along to support you… who would you want to see in the front row and where would it be? Matte Black – We need a big stadium gig for that – somewhere like the Wembley Arena. We’d definitely have to have Cristina Scabbia out of Lacuna Coil, Steve Harris from Iron Maiden, Al Jourgensen from Ministry for the afterparty, Herman Li out of Dragonforce, and of course Lemmy. Matt Jones – Wembley arena with Metalica supporting us and well I’m not really into famous people I prefer people that matter in my life so my family and closest friends in the front row. Tylean Polly – The Grammy’s, I don’t give a shit about famous people. Dave Shifty Summers – at the o2 arena, and anyone thats in the top 10 to listen to hear what real music is!

Future plans… Matt Jones- I think we need to try and get on the festival circuit and play some bigger gig’s and well just enjoy making more music and sharing it with like minded people. Matte Black – Our big focus for the next year or so is broadening our audience, and that means gigging up and down the country as much as we can, and trying to graduate from the pub-band scene. Without knocking it at all, I think it’s about time we started playing bigger venues, supporting some of the better-known bands. With the CD available worldwide, it would be great to get some gigs in Europe and mount a full-scale tour. Tylean Polly – Trying not to get arrested for threatening the audience with a knife.

And finally, the biggy, what flavour of crisps…

Tylean Polly – Based on today’s mood, Soured Cream and Chive. Matt Jones – Tyrels ham & cranberry!!! mmmmm Matte Black – Just to be contrary, I’m going to say Simba Tomato Sauce flavour, because no one else in the band has ever had them. Dave Shifty Summers – Worcestershire Sauce!


Curvature Be{Lie}ve EP review.

Tracks – Hide and Seek, Far Away, Blinded, and Demon Host.

Band line up – Matte Black, Matt Jones, Dave Shifty Summers, Michael Czubaj and Lisa Swatton

You know those words that strike fear and dread into your heart – “D’ya want to listen to my mates band on cd?” usually followed – if you are lucky by some inoffensive but generally pretty bland waste of cd space and if you luck out, can sound like the neighbours cats fighting over a half dead chicken?

Well not this time… Right from the moment Hide and Seek comes on its obvious that Curvature aren’t another run of the mill group, churning out the same old stuff. Melodic but with a great beat and soaring, haunting lyrics that grab you, and make you stop and listen. Think of Evanescence all grown up and tougher than your big brothers biker mate viewed by your 10 year old self!

Far Away is a slightly gentler, slower beat – but with beautifully crafted lyrics, but still the same dark, twisted  undertones. This is most definitely not music your nan would listen to unless your nan is a very cool old lady! Well written, and interesting to listen to – Curvature are definitely not afraid to experiment and try something a bit different.

Blinded and Demon Host have the catchy chorus lines that get stuck in your head and you find yourself singing in the car! Its goth metal without the annoying wimpy whine about how tough life is.

The whole EP is amazing driving music, so slam it in and turn it up!

Pierced Princess.

Curvature Website

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