Copy Haho Interview

Stonehaven is home to one of the best new Scottish bands in the shape of Copy Haho. In simple terms, they are fuckin’ awesome. They make spiky and skewed melodic indie pop and are often found playing around Glasgow with musical comrades Dananananaykroyd and Errors. Formed in 2004, the band comprises of Joe Hearty (Guitar/Vox), Rikki Will (Drums), Stuart Mcintosh (Guitar), and Richard Scott (Bass). Earlier this year, their debut E.P Bred for Skills and Magic, released on uber cool label Big Scary Monsters was met by critical acclaim, being championed by Radio One’s Huw Stephens and resulted in the band bagging tour slots with fellow indie pop bright starts Los Campesinos! and Johnny Foreigner to name but a few. New single Wrong Direction, released in October ’09 is full of great vibes and the excellent Haho formula that everyone should hear. Flares n Seagulls Justboy57 caught up with bassist Richard to talk tours, cheese and plans for 2010.

Copy Haho

So 2009 was pretty intense in the world of Copy Haho. You toured constantly, played some cool festivals such as Hinterland and released your debut E.P. What was your memorable highlights of the year

Getting to release a 7″ on one of my favourite labels, our EP coming out, getting to go to Abbey Road and Maida Vale. Playing shows with some of our favourite bands, touring with Los Campesinos! in particular was incredible – I think it’s fair to say that we all got on like one of those houses that are on fire.

2010 is now upon us. Any Copy Haho New Years Resolutions?

Nope, not really into the resolutions thing! I guess ‘trying my best’ is a general resolution.

As mentioned previously, you released your debut E.P as well as a couple of singles in ’09. Any plans for further releases this year?

We’re working on an album just now, so that should come out this year I’d hope.

The thought of sitting in a field, making daisy chains with the sun beating down, listening to Copy Haho sounds brilliant. Any possible festival appearances in the Summer?

Well, it’s only January so no offers in as of yet. We’d love to, though. So yep, ‘possible festival appearances in the Summer’ is accurate!

You are going on a wee tour of Scotland in January, taking in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Is it always good and perhaps important to play in your “home” (it’s no Stonehaven”), city?

Sure, it’d be silly not to play, really. At the same time, I’d say there’s little or no point in playing your hometown every second week, or whenever. It’s good to do every three or so months, and try to really make an event out of it. Get the best lineup that you can, etc…

You are about to hit Europe for the first time with your good pals Los Campesinos! visiting Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Holland in the process. Are you looking forward to sampling some of Europe’s finest cheeses?

I really don’t like cheese, unless it’s on a pizza or something. I’m pretty sure the others will look forward to eating cheese, to varying degrees. I’m mostly excited about playing in Paris, which is my favourite place in the world, the venue in Amsterdam (saw Melvins there with my Dad when I was 14), and hanging out with a good friend in Brussels. Of course, it’ll also be great to be in the company of Los Campesinos! for ten days. They’re some of our favourite people. Total bros.

I have a personal interest in Aberdeen and the Scottish Music Scene as a whole, any picks for 2010?

Errors’ new album will be awesome. I really like Moon Unit, Kuda, Carson Wells, Findo Gask, Mr. Peppermint, The Ballad of Mable Wong, Remember Remember, Eagleowl, Debutant, Jesus H.Foxx and a whole bunch more…

If Copy Haho could invent one thing like fellow Stoney loon Robert William Thomson did with the pneumatic tyre, what would it be and why?

Some sort of vehicle that didn’t require petrol. It’d be cheaper to tour. Also, a Travelodge that had ESPN as standard. That’s not really an invention, though.

Any gripes with the music scene today, Aberdeen, Scottish or as a whole?

I generally have a problem with people not doing things off their own back, musically or otherwise. Moaning about stuff instead of doing stuff is ridiculous.

Your five desert island tracks?

Life Without Buildings – New Town
The Band – The Weight (The Last Waltz version)
Minutemen – Anchor
Eric’s Trip – My Room
Husker Du – Eight Miles High

Anything else you’d like to add?


And finally, your favourite flavour of crisps?
Prawn Cocktail, generally. Really like Ready Salted, but I’m aware that’s a bit weird.

Thanks for your time Richard! Justboy57

Copy Haho play the Tunnels, Aberdeen on the 4th of March.

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