Cara Mitchell Interview

Still Burning catches up with Cara Mitchell, a young lady who has recently supported the likes of Stephen Fretwell and Pearl and the Puppets in Aberdeen, as well as reaching the final of the Cafe Drummonds 2K competition.

Cara Mitchell

So Cara, how are you?

I’m very well thanks, yourself?

I’m good, just getting back into the interviewing swing of things… so… can you tell us a little about yourself, when did you start playing etc?

Well when I was 11, I got guitar lessons for about a year, then I began teaching myself. I’ve always sang but I never really thought that much about it to be honest until the last couple of years.

Who would you say were your musical influences?

I’ve got heaps! Too many to name.. I think all the music I listen to influences me. The biggest probably being Laura Marling maybe.. And Emmy The Great, is such an amazing songwriter.

Do you do your own songwriting? if yes, what inspires you to write?

I do, and hmm.. everything really I think. From accidentally smashing eggs to people doing people like things.. Oh and birds.

The first time I saw you was in the 2K Final at Cafe Drummonds but I have noticed you’ve had some very decent support slots (inc Stephen Fretwell and Pearl and the Puppets) since then?

Yeah that’s right, I’ve been very lucky so far with the shows and supports Ive played.

Did you enjoy competing in the Final?

Yeah, it was fun, and also great to experience a competitive sort of environment. I was also really shocked that I made it that far…

Its certainly a sign of progress in a very short space of time?

I know, it’s all very exciting and I’m really looking forward to next year. Hopefully it can continue!

I guess many people reading this wont know but being sweet sixteen years old you’re still at school aren’t you?

Yeah, I’m half way through 5th year!

How has your school helped you musically, if at all?

I wouldn’t really say they’ve helped me musically, I’m pretty sure most of my teachers don’t know I play gigs. My Music teacher knows of course.

Do talented musicians get encouraged enough to push their talent to a wider audience?

That’s a hard question… to start off with, I don’t think they do, but the more they play, the more people will recognise them and want to listen to them. Kinda like a snowball effect, if that makes sense?

Whats your thoughts on X Factor and similar programmes?

I think they’re a heap of crap to be honest! Programmes like these give Pop music a bad name, in my opinion

Which would you prefer, a ticket to a gig or a cd from the same artist?

Both are great, but probably a ticket to a gig. One of the best things is seeing a band or artist you love play live

How do you find Aberdeen is for gigs for the `under 18s`?

Really good actually! There are always, always gigs on for under 18s. Its awesome how young people get a chance to go and see bands and experience live gigs nice and early.

Best gig you’ve been to?

I Went to see Emmy The Great at The Lemon Tree in September and loved it 🙂

Who impresses you musically from the Aberdeen area?

There’s loads.. I have been listening to The Kurbs recently and The Virtues who are friends of mine 🙂 also Rambler who has an absolutely stunning voice.

Your favourite venue in Aberdeen… both to play… and attend as a punter?

Probably The Tunnels. It’s got a really lovely atmosphere, to both play and watch gigs.

What are your plans for next year? Any recording lined up?

Nothing’s really been set in stone, but now I’m working with AGP, I think next year will mostly involve getting my music out there in some shape or form. I think we’ll be working on an initial demo around Feb/March time, hopefully play a few gigs and then with some luck look at getting a single out towards the end of the year.

Your five desert island tracks?

Fast Blood – Frightened Rabbit
Daffodils – Charlene Soraia
Oh! Hark! – Lisa Mitchell
Baba O’Reily – The Who
Hotel Song – Regina Spektor

And finally… your favourite flavour of crisps?

Kettle chips! 🙂

Thanks for your time Cara, and all the best with your future musical adventures.

Interview and pics by Still Burning.

You can catch Cara at her next gig which is on Friday 10th February at The Tunnels, Aberdeen supporting James MacKenzie and the 1930s.

Cara Mitchell Facebook

and you can follow Cara on Twitter on @Caradrinkstea.

Cara Mitchell

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  1. ruth sawers says:

    Charming young lady, good luck for the future Cara x

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