The Moth and The Mirror – Album Review

The Moth and The Mirror – Honestly, This World – Olive Grove Records

The Moth and The Mirror - Honestly, This World

“The Moth & The Mirror are made up of members  of a number of bands including Frightened Rabbit, Admiral Fallow, The Reindeer Section and Arab Strap.”

This got my attention straight away, all bands I rate musically and, arguably equally important, ethically.
This body of work does not disappoint at all. Musically this is just great. The depth, quality and luxury of all the sounds is a treat. Recorded and mixed beautifully. The female lead vocal seduces your head into these songs. You listen to the lyrics, you listen and appreciate the transitions between quiet spacious melody and all out audio attack. It’s a record that makes you concentrate on it. Like a really good teacher the band have experience, have prepared well and make you do the work without really realising it.
They have nailed being able to make the connection between artists and listener. That’s some achievement in a world of cut and paste, digital recording techniques which, in my opinion, makes it harder to capture a human element and moment in a bands development.

I’d like to pick stand out tracks and direct you to them like a “proper” critic. But this is a complete album and needs to be listened to in its entirety in order to appreciate it fully. So I’m not going to….right!

Would I like you to buy this record? Yes and when you listen to it first, take the time to sit alone and listen to it all the way through and do nothing else apart from maybe smoke and drink. It’s so worth it.

B.     25.11.10

The Moth and The Mirror Bandcamp

Olive Grove Records Website

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