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Saturday 04/04/10

A busy night was in store if I could cram it all in although I didn’t leave FnS Towers as early as I’d liked so only caught the last song from Farewell Singapore at The Tunnels, I’m sure I’ll catch them again soon though.

Next up was There Will Be Fireworks. Having interviewed them last week and played their album a few times since then I wondered if they could catch the atmosphere on stage that you get from the record, oops, sorry cd. They started off with the strong Midfield Maestro, followed up by Foreign Thoughts and Says Aye. One of my favourites We Sleep Through The Bombs follows then a wee surprise when a new track, Shock & Awe gets an airing. A timecheck follows and looked like they have to cut short and merge Guising into Off With Their Heads. And its all over far too quickly for me, seven songs crammed into just over half an hour and I really wanted them not to finish so quickly. These guys (and gal) can be tuneful but damned powerful as well when they need to be. The last song(s) were just superb I thought.

On the other hand, I’d done my best to ignore Lions.Chase.Tigers, possibly due to their random use of full stops within their name. Why? FKN WHY? (only jokin’)  Anyway, ignore them I did. Didn’t even LOOK at their MySpace page. I’d seen their name before of course, but investigate em? nah. Nothing. I just turned up and hoped for the best. So… first impressons? Singer looked and acted like a moody c**t when he sang down into the mike. You know how some folk have an unusual way to hold or sing into the mike, yeah, well, thats him. And the music? A strong and very weird voice to get used to, well, for me anyway. I’m like that with some vocallists though. And the drummer looked like Pete Docherty. A bit. So… the music? First few minutes over and digested I simmered down. Just wrong my first impressions were. I could have walked up the road during the first song (To Their Blood) but glad I stayed, seriously, it really took me by surprise. Aye, they’ve a powerful sound at times and yeah, as an album (they’ve a downloadable EP somewhere, I’ll add the link later) it would 100% be a `grower`. thats if you didnt (like me) quite find them out at the first listen. A six song set ends with To the Glory of God and a very memorable PicturesMemories to close with. Again, all over in just over thirty minutes I think. Oh, and I was just so wrong about the singer, he’d had a stressful day and seemed really pleased to play to the crowd on the night thanking Aberdeen more than once for turning out, wel done fella. This is no big deal for many bands but I WANT bands to enjoy playing Aberdeen, so they keep our name on their touring map for the future.

I’ve no idea how good Farewell Singaprore were (and no offence to them either) but I think I’d rather had two 45 minute sets from these two bands so I guess I was well impressed. The crowd was a bit static though, is it the norm to stand in like four rows and not dance… at all? (Still Burning = auld c**t).

The Tunnels was darkened a bit which made for a great atmosphere although the people who left stuff on the chairs when others could be doing with a seat between bands should get their holes kicked and goatees burned off by blowtorch. (Still Burning = auld c**t). I think there would have been 50-60 folk there so pretty underattended for the quality of the artists in my opinion, and at a fiver to get in you can’t complain. I’m sure these bands will be back with hopefully longer sets before long.

A deep breath was taken and I then made the journey to Cafe Drummonds having been all over at The Tunnels by 10.30pm. Bloody curfews. I’m sure that club could have lost half an hour to let the bands play a wee bit longer (stop moaning min).  So… whats next? Big Fat Panda are one of the ska bands from the central belt that seem to play here every nine months or so and strangely this is one band I’d never seen so had been looking forward to it. I won’t go into boring detail naming all the songs but disappointed I most certainly was not. A £4 entrance fee for around 20 songs, mostly original material but with the likes of Monkey Man, Concrete Jungle (ace!) and Pressure Drop thrown in it made for an enjoyable evening, finishing around 1am. The larger than life front man was humerous as well as really getting into his job, for me it was just an excellent all round feel good night, highly recommended.

Bottom line for the first FnS Diary entry? £9 in total door tax spent to see three bands I’d look forward to seeing again if you like their kind of music. Canna complain at that!

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