Ten at Carnival 56

With Carnival 56 premiering in Dundee very soon (and, yes, we’re excited about it), we thought we’d put together a list – who doesn’t love a list? – of our top ten acts.

Then I (DS) looked at the line-up again and realised that if we picked our personal favourites, the list would probably consist solely of those bands we’ve enjoyed before (many times) – there are so many of our favourites playing here; it’s as if the festival fairy came down and made it especially for us.

We needed a new idea.

So, here’s our (Still Burning and/or Dark Secret’s) ‘Ten Acts We’ve Not Seen Before‘ (and maybe an honorable mention, if there’s space).

In no particular order:

Five Cousins

Last year Five Cousins travelled with the National youth music touring project, Hit the Road – a great jumping off point for any young band looking for help getting started. This year they’re doing it for themselves.

Lost in Vancouver

An Edinburgh band I’ve (DS) somehow not come across before. Indie tunes that will get you moving.


Here’s one for those of you into electronic dance music and stonking light-shows.

The Purple Felts

A bit of Ska for the skank-inclined amongst you.


I (DS) love this song, the lyrics are… well, just listen to them for yourselves. Great voice too.

Supa & Da Kryptonites

Funkin’ working overtime. If you don’t feel your toes twitch to this, you’re probably dead.

Avalanche Party

From North Yorkshire we have some garage-rock n roll with some punk thrown into the mix. Prepare to move.

Jonnie Common

It’s hard to describe Jonnie Common. It’s not quite rap, it’s electronic but not quite pop. Best listen for yourselves and decide.

Oskar Braves

You’ll get a wall of sound from this five piece from Fife, with some distinctive vocals on top.

The Kyle Falconer Band

And finally (says SB), a list like this can’t be complete without a mention of The Kyle Falconer Band, a new project featuring Kyle (from The View), his brother Ronnie on guitar and Billy Mitchell on bass.


I (DS) just had to add this video, from Elle Exxe, simply for pure silliness. That XL (Robin Boot) really has some moves, for a big, bearded guy.



For those going, or thinking about snapping up a last minute ticket, here are the day splits… and day or weekend tickets can be purchased here.

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