RM Hubbert – Album Review

RM Hubbert – Thirteen Lost & Found – Chemikal Undergroun​d

RM Hubbert - Thirteen Lost and Found

I love this album. I have listened to this, at the time of writing, seven times. I will listen to this for the rest of my life.

It makes you remember, it makes you think, it makes you wish.

 On my first listen I was acutely aware that it was firing the region of my brain that is reserved for ‘Art’. Not a large region and an area which seems to border the “You are taking this far too seriously and I’m close to ripping the piss out of you” part of my brain.

 I have the impression that this is not a piece of work, which is the product of direct influence or any kind of pre-destined idea or concept. I get the feeling it has been a meticulous process of writing, talking, trying and most of all time, time to mature and develop.

There are “Names” involved in the production and performances on this album but I’m deliberately not mentioning them because this is not important to me or, I suspect, the man himself. Id like to think it’s all about musical and creative integrity as opposed to any decision being influenced by popular culture.

Anyway, I’m rapidly heading towards the more flippant region of my brain I referred to above.

I can’t bear to select favourite tracks, this is one body of work.  For me, to refer to favourites would be like picking out a colour that you liked on an Old Master and taking it to a DIY shop to get a pot of it for your kitchen. It’s about the composition as a whole. This album is the higher order thinking section of music. Brave is the word I keep coming back to, to describe this album.
From a technical point of view I particularly like the way it is recorded. On headphones I can hear breathing, fingers, wood, people moving around while playing, strings buzzing against each other, frets and fingerboard on the edge of chaos simply due to the passion and effort used to hit them. It’s brilliant fully committed and brave in a world where there is enough technology around to “clean” things up.
This is musician, instrument, good sounding room, passion and microphone. That word brave comes to mind again.

Would I like you to buy this record?  Yes, yes yes yes yes.

I think you should buy one to listen to, one to keep for your children as an heirloom. Oh, and one for someone who loves the Xfactor, just to watch them while they listen to it….. Just to satisfy that bit of my brain.

B.    15/01/12

RM Hubbert Website

Chemikal Undergroun​d Website

Chemikal Undergroun​d link to order the album

RM Hubbert

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