Granite City Northern Soul Club

The Granite City Northern Soul Club was formed in 2004 by Acky Buchan & Steve Willox as there was a club holding the name of Aberdeen Northern Soul Club. After holding nights in the Carlton Bar for a number of years we had the luck to book nights in the Belmont Social Club where we have stayed as this a very popular venue and perfect for the soul punters.
Everyone who steps thru the door is made welcome regardless of their music tastes.
The next Belmont is Saturday 21st Nov and the last one for this year is 19th December. Check our site out

Away back in 1976 I became interested in the Northern Soul Scene. I became a DJ in 1977 and travelled up and down the country, travelling as far as London and back up to Aberdeen. I like collecting original Soul vinyl. Very much into dancing.
Wigan Casino was my favourite venue until it shut down in 1982. 12am till 8am, I got five good years there very friendly place, never seen trouble at all. Once went down on my scooter got there and fell asleep all night… as was so tired …i took 14 hours to get there (now THAT’S commitment – ed).

Yes our club still travels, we just came back from Blackpool Tower SoulWeekend. Fav venue nowadays is Prestatyn Soul Weekender. My fav music is still the oldies and getting much into rare northern soul nowadays and 60s r+b. Aberdeen back in the hay day was brilliant 1000 soulies in the music hall ,we were young and fit. Aberdeen music hall matched any venue in the country . Fav records at the moment are Marv johnson, Come on and Stop; Christine Cooper, Heartaches Away My Boy & Archie Bell, When the Party is Over.
Fav crisps – salt and vin!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to fns and KTF!

5 Responses to Granite City Northern Soul Club

  1. FluffyFallana says:

    Sorry to correct you but the founders of Granite City and the original resident DJ’s at the Carlton were Acky, Des Crombie & Mike Copland. Steve replaced Mike at a later date as he could not DJ on a regular basis.

  2. kevin says:

    Its great to find the faith is still strong i/ll be at the next aberdeen sol night.

  3. Anna McDonald says:

    Hi, I’m a student from Dundee currently researching for a dissertation on Scottish Northern Soul fans during the 1970s and would love to get in touch with Steve Willox or Acky Buchan to see if they can help me with some research. I can’t seem to get the website to work and wondered if you could put me in touch? My email address is Regards Anna McDonald

  4. Craigy says:

    Hi can you tell me of any up and coming events in Aberdeen, cheers Craig

  5. Mark says:

    Omg! I was at Wigan supposedly last alnigter… 1979 just before I joind up…it was the best night ever… I was 15lol…MrMs- still have the carpet tiles …thinking about going on Saturday night …. I’m ex para..now50 miss the sounds so much… Just working up hear hope it’s a good one?

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