Still Burning

Still Burning

Your musical likes?

Nowadays I’ll give anything a listen. One chills a bit as they mature and the mind becomes more welcoming to something just a little bit different.

As a young kid my parents only played Scottish Music at home and for a treat the odd splash of Country and Western  so I can only thank the f**king Lord himself for the messiah that was the late, great John Peel. As a paperboy I used to set the C90 (remember ’em) to record at 10pm then go to sleep then listen to the show on my Sony Megabass during my paper round the next morning. Saturdays were good. A trip to One Up (thirty years for them this year apparently) on Saturday morning to buy some of the singles that I already had listened to on my overwritten cassette tapes.  In my youth I admired ska (The Specials), punk (The Sex Pistols) but mostly I got into the Oi sound. A kind of mix of the two, the anger of punk, with the music generally being more derived from the skinhead sounds of the seventies and the early eighties. Or was it reggae with an attitude? Anyway, you get my drift. In those days though, most people picked a genre and followed it. Growing up and still liking those bands I was pleased when the likes of Oasis came along to add to my catalogue of singles, albums and tapes, bootleg and otherwise. Thats what started me off, and, strangely I really enjoy a lot of the older bands that I didn’t really listen to at the time.

One thing I picked up from Peel was from one of his Festive 50’s, he included a Welsh language track, I cant remember what it was, I really must investigate as I have it somewhere but anyway, the message to me was clear, if you like it, it doesnt matter if it sold ten copies or ten million copies, then PLAY it!

Theres some great f**king songs out there folks, go find ’em!

Your 5 desert island tracks?

Rock n Roll Star – Oasis  (tonniiiiiiiiiiight I’m a rock n roll staaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr…. oh yes!)
Thrill Me – The Undertones (underrated song imho!)
Wasted Life – Stiff Little Fingers (or swap it with Harp or Barbed Wire Love)
Too Much Too Young – The Specials (narrowly squeezed in before A Town Called Malice – The Jam)
Loch Lomond – Runrig (the lengthy live version, for the Scot in me) (alternatives could be Caledonia.. try the Popup version for something different, or Sunshine on Leith)

Your favourite venue in toon?

I’m going for The Lemon Tree (as a venue), closely followed by The Tunnels and Drummonds.

Biggest gripe about the music scene today?

*gets on soapbox*

c*nts that throw pints of beer at gigs

birds who HAVE to take about 864 pictures at gigs

overpriced merch at gigs

people who HAVE to chat during performances

inflated booking fees/service charges/delivery charges for tickets

when a band surprisingly puts an Aberdeen gig on their tour date list and its poorly attended

people who are happy to just stand and stare at gigs (loosen the f**k up and enjoy yourself)

ticket tout scum on fleabay

*gets off soapbox*

Your favourite flavour of crisps?

Tomato sauce (narrowly beating the Chedder Cheese Crinkly variety).