New York Johnny

New York Johnny

Your musical likes?
I grew up with original 1970s punk rock and just sorta mushroomed out from there ever since. The Clash are still my favourite band but I listen to everything from The Crystals to Aphex Twin, Miles Davis to Napalm Death, Glenn Miller to M83, Bat For Lashes to Motorhead and most stuff in between. I hate genres and labels. With them inevitably comes rules. Rules that say you can’t like this if you listen to that. I say “Poke that you cunt!”

Your 5 desert island tracks?
For the next hour (in no particular order)…
The Clash – Groovy Times
Screaming Blue Messiahs – Someone To Talk To
Mo-Ho-Bish-O-Pi – Names For Nameless Things
Los Campesinos – You, Me, Dancing
Iggy Pop – Five Foot One

(Oops, I changed my mind already. Told you………)

Your favourite venue in toon?
Currently I’m torn between The Tunnels and Drummonds. The Tunnels having a marginally better layout and Drummonds having a marginally better sound. Both are scuzzy rock and roll dives. I miss The Venue. Legendary place where I saw some amazing bands and had many, many lost weekends in my younger days.

I totally fucking hate the AECC and “venues” of that ilk. They are the antithesis of a rock n roll venue and generally attract a crowd to suit.

Biggest gripe about the music scene today?
Poorly attended gigs. It’s soul destroying for the bands and punters alike. strangely enough I think Aberdeen has a problem of too may venues putting on too many gigs all vying for the same small audience. Poor promotion and the cliqueyness within the local “music scene” doesn’t help either. But I see the same thing in other places too, it’s not just here.

Get off your arses people. It’s fun!!

Your favourite flavour of crisps?

Right now I’ve a real taste for Extreme Pringles – Cheddar and Jalapeno flavour. Particularly if I’ve got a big tub of houmous to have with them. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!