Dirty Dozen at Carnival Fifty Six

Some bands you should consider standing in front of whilst they play c56 this weekend.

Baby Strange – Seen a million times and never get boring. This is a track from their recent EP titled (amazingly) Extended Play.

Be Charlotte – Something tells me we’ve yet to see the best of Be Charlotte, but, time will tell. Good to see her step up onto the main stage.

Crash Club – Electronic drive faster music, should be banned. They use zillions of random vocalists so you’re never sure what awaits. Rating = Don’t Miss.

Fat Goth – FG are noise from Dundee. Best experienced in a dark room wearing industrial strength earplugs. We love FG. This is Jakey from their recent fourth album Enorme!.

Honeyblood – Two girls, always progressing, and now on the main stage for your aural pleasure.

Indigo Velvet – In contrast to the above this is the always improving Indigo Velvet. Quite lovely pop music for a summery day.

Prides – I’ve not seen Prides since they morphed into a duo, be good to see and hear their latest offerings.

The Law – I like The Law, they’re feeding from the indie pop table and that’s just fine. Their Trigger album is a grand thing to own and always an enjoyable show. A band I always thought would maybe get a bit bigger.

The Mirror Trap – I fcking love The Mirror Trap. Gary Moore is one of Scotland’s best frontmen and they put on a seriously wired live show. Please, go see. The video is only because I can’t find a decent one of Joyride. Ha.

Tijuana Bibles – Yeeeeeeah, the Bibles. Sleazy rock n’ roll, just like your doctor ordered. This is Pariah, even though it has an American cockwomble in it. Go see, and buy the album when it eventually drops.

Vladimir – Another product of Tayside and have already played a number of decent tours with respected bands. Another band we’ve maybe yet to see the best of.

White – Another band that will grasp that slot on the main stage with both hands. A big sound for a big room, in my humble opinion.


Use the list, don’t use the list, the choice, as always, is yours. Just make sure you enjoy yourselves. SB.

Carnival Fifty Six is in Dundee this weekend, find out all you need to know here.