16-ish reasons to attend Brew at the Bog 2016


fns festival-goers suggest why a trip to Bogbain Farm, Inverness is worth a visit this weekend, first up is Dark Secret

It’s always hard to narrow down just why a festival (or well… anything for that matter) is worth a visit but I’ll give it a go. I was going to make a numbered list but it seems everyone and their dog has been doing that in the last week or so, so scrap that idea.

So why am I looking forward to BatB 2016? Well, we get to catch up with some of our favourite bands (d’uh!). I’ll single out Tijuana Bibles here. This guys voice gets me right where it matters and if you like moody on stage, they have it in spades.

We get to catch up with some of the fabulous people who have come to Aberdeen to play for us over the last 6 months or so: Laura St Jude – lovely & sultry with some dark tunes and a gruff wingman to boot; Roman Nose – stomping after dark music; The Girobabies – great for a bounce; Banshee – who were Life on Standby when they last played Aberdeen and BatB 2015; and Aberdeen’s Best Girl Athlete and The Little Kicks. All great bands – which is why we asked them to play for us.

There’s a whole host of new bands to investigate. Just looking at the end of the alphabetical list I see WOMPS, Vasa and White – all names I have been curious about for a while now. There are many more on that list, the only problem will be who wins out on any schedule clashes.

Having somehow managed to miss ever watching The Goonies, I get my chance at a new addition to Brewbog this year – the outdoor cinema (I voted for The Jungle Book, btw but I’ll forgive you). This will be set-up after the arena closes in the camping field, so a nice wind-down before sleep (or coma, depending on beer imbibed).

They’ve moved it ahead a few weeks this year which is great news. After last year – which was baltic – we can hopefully avoid snowfall overnight.

Because it’s a small festival in a small area, there’s a lovely friendly atmosphere. Unlike most of the other festivals we’ll go to it’s over 18’s only, which does actually make a nice change. Adults let their hair down more if they don’t have to watch out for their young uns.

This is the festival that kicks off the season for us, so a fairly compact event not too far from Aberdeen is ideal. Bogbain Farm is a short hop & a jump from Inverness central, and there are numerous buses laid on, there and back, for those not driving.

Finally people – It’s a 2 day music festival for £65, or £40 just for Saturday, including camping! If nothing else, that should be reason enough.

And now for Still Burning’s offering…

I’ll kick-off with the enlarging clan that is the Yellow Movement, represented on Saturday by Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 and The Girobabies. Check the video below, just, perfect festival fun when the sun is out and even fun to stick your fingers up to the weather when its not behaving. And don’t miss the Giros either. Great album, but greater live, in my humble opinion of course. Wear yellow, participate, get happy-ness.

I’ve not seen the layout this year yet but if its like previous years everything is just so compact, all the stages close together, camping a field away, same as car parking, so no hassles to get stuff from your car or tent as needed. A small thing, but damn handy.

Back to the music and a lesser known name might just slip under your radar when scanning the stage times, that of Louie and The Lochbacks. Only their third gig (I believe) but the wee face of the Hector Bizerk frontman on stage will be familiar I’m sure. I’ve no idea what they’re like but, you know, such is the magic of discovering new music, they might just be a hidden gem of BatB ’16.

Another treat is The Barn stage. Assuming its not renamed. I think its one of the best wee stages on the festival circuit. When its busy, its err, rammed. Exiting becomes not ideal. But hey, we’ve seen some stunning sets in there in the last couple of years so, aye, Barn Stage. And its under cover, with pretty lights. And ten meters in any of three directions from a bar, if you like that sort of added bonus.

Speaking of the Barn Stage, thats where I’d put Laura St Jude. I fcking love this band. Don’t chat, LISTEN, get into the music, feel it.

I get to see my pal Chay Woodman (and Louise of course). Chay was responsible for the bands in the Solus Tent at Wickerman Festival for a million years and now he’s involved here and it shows. Great move YM, I like proper music people getting involved in this event.

A random selection I’ll hope to see for the first time are Fat Cat Records C Duncan and Be Charlotte, and not for the first time Roman Nose, Tijuana Bibles, and Aberdeens own representatives The Little Kicks, Best Girl Athlete and HQFU.

You should come if you can, it’ll be great.

Website: http://www.brewatthebog.com/